10 and1/2 years

10 and 1/2 years ago we started on our D&L adventures. Along the way we have met many people, people that we would never have met. Some became good friends, some just folks we met in towns, rv parks or just about any where. Here is a list of those we have met. The list will not be complete as I am sure I will have forgotten some! So if you are reading this and your name is not on the “list” do not despair, just email me and say hi!

No particular order!

Ron and Rhonda Tobin, Ron and Loretta Shuman, Victor and Charlotte Westmoreland, Bruce and Kathy Palmer, Gordon and Linda Hamilton, Phil and Peggy Smith, Bill and Donna Morgan, Dick and Sandi Buckmaster, Cline and Kirsten Sweet, Reve and Susan Carberry, Bill and Elaine Tabcinski, LaVon Hoestetler, Bill and Marge Schwinn, Bob and Mary Shuey, Aimee Plantee, Linda Wells,Tom and Krissy Jones, Frank and Barbara Scaglione, Jim and Jane Herbet, Rod and Rhonda Plinsky, John and Leora Meadows, Ben Leedle,Wade and Mary Sundin, Eileen and Bill Knuth, Marie Szabados and Paul Farrand, Jerry and Molly Fisher,Mike and Shar Reynolds,Donna Pohlman,Mike and Etta Brandt,Roy and Micki Bourdeau,Hal and Illean Sims,Waldo Brousseau,John and Bev Passerello,Barb and Willy Johnson,Herb and Anita Beadle,Dave and Maria Russell,Don and Diane Burns,Jim and Mary Johanson,Erich and Sandy Fabritus,Danny and Fern Mann,Ed and Kathy Dillivan,Bill and Gene Pierce, Tim and Penny Wahl,Jane Erickson,Doug Palossari,The Engel Family,Tom Thompson, Bob Strzelecki,Ken and Mary Wickens-Pearse,Stan and Judy St. John,John and Patti McClintic,Randy and Linda Isbell, Susan and Bill Schneider,Ken and Carol Sigbee,Doyle and Loucile Stepp,Mac McFeeters,Efraim and Joan, Betty Boff,Bob and Sharon Brown,Dan and Karen Cutting,Ivan and Ruth Denny,Ed and Pat Donaldson,Gordy Weymouth,Jack and Ada Dozer,Steve and Ricki Dimser,Earl and Barb Eyre,Chuck Fioravanti,Bob andJean Hendershot,Curtis and Jill Hocking,Dan and Mary Holmgren,George and Gail Hunt,Ken and Michele,Bobby and Jean Kirk,Leon and D0nelda Lauer,Vivian Lynch,Rich and Bunny Matus,Mike McPherson,Mike and Nesta Newnham,Rich Oehlerking,Jim and Selene Reed,DanAnd Cheryl Robinson,Bill and Priscilla Scott,Gil and Mary Skelnar,Paul and Mary Jo Stover,Buddy and Joan Templton,Walt and Angie Terry,David and Theresa White,Frank and Dolly Narloch,Delbert and Mary Washburn,Dave and Diane Vinck,Marvel Washnok,Mary and Gerd Scholtz,Leo and Rosie Grigaitis,Gary and Elaine Locker,Jim and Jan Nutter,Laurel,Joe and Lynn Baasch,Wayne and Maryann Baker,Joe and Cheryl Brandt,Don and May Buchholz,Mike and Connie Buchner, Carolyn Burns,Larry and Mary Crist,Bob and Jean Dedert,Dave and Bonnie Dittmar,Ray and Kathy Dodson,Duane and Dottie Dudney,Paul and Dee Fibelstad,Ron and Linda Finney,Tye and Iris Godwin,Lloyd and Trudy Gregory,Harry and Diane Golsan,Art and Lois Haney,Art and Karen Hayes,Lincoln and Freda Hays,Jim and Lois Hough,Bruce and Bev Hough,Don and Joan Joseps,Idell Knudsvig,Erv and Peg Kuntz,Dick and Marsha Lapin,Tom and Jan McDonald,John and Nancy Melton,Dale and Judy Moody,Bud and Mae Nunn,Bob and Pat Nunn,Glen and Carol Phillips,Vern and Sharon Quamme,Charlie and Helen Reed,Leon and Carol Roesler,Bob and Phyliss Ruth,Spenser and Betty Smith,Art and Enid Thompson,Dick and Sharon Thyse,Ray and Eveylin Voos,George and Lorraine Wickstrom,Stan and Linda Wilson,Stuart and Wanda Byram,Ray and Sherrie Carmichael,Walt and Jan Christianson,john and Pat Dahl,Jim and Sally Daniels,Herb and connie Grassly,Rod and Ernie Henry,Bill and Leann Howard,John and Lois Hulse,George and Frankie Little,Joe and Sue Lowe,Gene and Maryann Nelson,Duane and Florence Potter,Max and Peggy Sallee,Rich and Sharon Schleicher,Karl and Betty Tunstall,Scott and Barbara Van winkle,carl and Maianna Voightberger,Gary and Wanda Wells,Pericles Wyatt,Andrea,Bernice and Steve Rutherford,Don Harold,Dar and ron kegle,Mamie and Bob Consolver,Art Newman,Glenda,Doug and Lorrie Stenerson,Gail Hanley,Al Buxton,Vern Gillum,Karen Peska,Tom Hayden,Roy Pederson,Jim and Paulette Pruit,Karen Miller,Bob and Barb Henderlong,Wilma and John smith,Martins,Marcia Cary,Bill and Joan Daniels,JT and Jean Grossmith,Jessa,Jerry Swango,Leland,Marge Harelson,Leroy and Ann Willis, Jose, Larry Shears Ron and Bev. Gary and Jane, David and Geneva Groves, David and Candy BeBe and all the gang in Lake City! Dave and Linda Berghoff (Radar O’reillys brother), Mike and Tonya Bolen,Pastor Ken and Brenda and The Calvary assembly Church Family.

Whew! I know we left off some, so if we did email me and let me know ! the more we travel the more we meet and some we remember well, but all bring back memories. Thank you for being part of our D&L Adventures

Happy Trails.

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