We arrived on Sunday the 11th at 9:30 am. After passing customs and finding our luggage we met with our tour guide Marg. We proceeded to take a taxi to meet the tour bus for our ride to the harbor tour boat. odd driving on the left side of the road! I kept wanting to tell the driver move over! The day was perfect weatuhjer. Not real cool and not real hot and low humidity. The tour boat would be our lunch spot as well. Sydney harbor is beautiful,reminds me of Puget Sound in Seattle. The Sydney harbor bridge is magnificent. Built in 1932. It was an engineering wonder.

Next to pass in front of us was the Opera house and it was just like it was in the photos we have seen.

From the harbor we went to our hotel. We had a great room on the 12th floor overlooking the harbor. Room was big and the bed comfortable. All meals so far have been very good. ( Mobile app not working right so photos will be posted later)

later Brian and his roommate John,Loretta and I took a stroll toward the harbor and found a restaurant that was not to pricey! It still cost us $46.00! Food is expensive. 

Time for bed! It has been a long day,at least 20 hours of traveling!

G’day mates

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