ATV adventures

Our last ride was to the 4 mile south area near Nathrop, Colorado. We arrived about 10am and unloaded near Ruby Mountain. Ruby mountain is a state park, where you can mine for Garnets. We heard plinking from hammers as we unloaded. Off we went on the trail. It was a fun trail not hard but not easy either. As we progressed on the trail, we found an area that had a great view and was a perfect area for lunch. As you read in the last post, I had to have the exhaust welded, as a new stock muffler could not be obtained! Well on our way to the lunch spot, we heard a loud pop and knew the muffler broke again! What we did not realize was that the muffler had blown off! Ron and Loretta found it as we were coming back to meet them! Boy was my exhaust loud! We ate lunch and then headed back to the vehicles! After we got back I started looking for a new muffler, preferably a stock muffler (quieter). I called several dealers, but nobody had one in stock and from Yamaha they were on back order until December! One dealer gave me a name of a dealer in Montrose, CO. I called and no they did not have one. Bummer. However he said he would see if he could find one. He called back about 2 hours later and said he had found one in Mississippi! So I ordered it and it should be here today or tomorrow! This dealer is Davis Service Center in Montrose, Colorado and they say their motto is “Service is our middle name” and they live up to that motto!! Way to go Davis Service Center.

Another trip we took is along County road 45, west of Banderas. This may be a county road, but it is rough and in one area the road dips down to the river. The water has been high and we have been watching the level for several weeks. It finally went down to a level that we could see the road bed and the edges. We made it across and were able to complete our route! On our way back we must of startled a bear, because as we passed Ron and Loretta saw it stick its head up from the weeds!

The bears are on the move looking for food! The dry weather has limited the production of berries, their main food. They are coming down from the higher elevations, looking for any food. Several sightings have been made around us. Yesterday I found bear scat here at Bandera’s! It was fresh and the bear must have gone through last night.

On to Lake City, Colorado on September 1. Will stay a month with Victor and Charlotte and Ron and Loretta. Should be some good riding and cooler weather.

Happy trails and keep in touch.



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