August 14, 2011

Hey it’s August already!

Where has time gone??? Heath and family were here the last week of July. Heath and Zach went fly fishing with a guide and caught 14 fish! Way to go!. Ali, David and Sarah went on a 3 hour horseback ride. Boy my knees would be killing me. The whole family went on a raft trip down the Arkansas. Wild and wet they said. We had a good time with them. Zach went with us to the Mounted shooting contest in Salida. That was interesting and a lot of fun. Glad they all could come and visit with us.

More ATV riding. Went to Bonanza, Colorado on one trip. It is an old mining town, with beautiful views along the way. Not easy, but not hard either. Took an alternative route back, which proved to be a little difficult. Loretta thought she spied a bear in the woods! Hmmm was it a marmot, Charlotte???. The best ride so far has been the 4 mile north trail, near Buena Vista. Trails were easy and fairly smooth. Stopped for lunch near a natural arch, called Aspen Arch. Need to cut the Aspen down so we could see the arch!!

After that trip I had the air box cover installed by the Yamaha dealer. I installed it but would not run right. It needed a different jet put in and he did it for nothing. Not soon after our last ride, we noticed the muffler was loud. I decided even though I had just put this muffler on, I was going to replace it with a stock muffler. The noise was just too much. In looking at the current muffler, I discovered that it had broken! It was broke at the location where the main pipe went into the exhaust! So we hauled it to the dealer and it is now waiting for the parts. Should be done on Wednesday. Sure miss it, as we enjoy our rides. Ron and Loretta couldn’t wait any longer and went for a ride today.

Been prospecting for Gold. Bought a pan and have been panning the soil we find on our atv trips. I also have a metal detector. I have had it for a while and learned it can be used for gold nuggets! Haven’t found any yet. Did find nails, pennies and some type of old tool or a gate latch, all in what you see. Finding more and more garnets. We have quite a few pea sized, that could be put in a setting.

We have gone to rodeos, carriage competitions and other events in Salida. So our summer is not dull. We will be here until September 1 and then we will move with Ron and Loretta to Lake City, Colorado, to visit with Victor and Charlotte. Looking forward to riding in that area. Will stay a month and then head to Maysville, Utah to ride the Piute Trails. Then on to Desert Trails.

Keep in touch!! Happy Trails.


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