Australia Bound

Today  is the day! Leaving for Australia on the 5:40pm plane from Tucson to LAX. We will meet my bother Brian there for our 14.5 hour flight to Sydney. We will leave LA about 11:40 and arrive in Sydney on Sunday the 11th.

After arriving we will be rushed to the Royal Observatory to meet up with our tour group, already in progress. A harbor cruise and lunch and the on to the hotel for some rest. Later dinner and maybe a stroll around town. A busy first day!

I will attempt to post on a daily basis with pictures. Depends on the wifi. I have my tablet with me and have made sure I can use the mobile app for WordPress.

We arrived in Tucson on the 26th of October and got settled in our site. The weather has been warm during the day and cool at nite. I have the weather station up and running and the web cam as well. So click on the weather link and see how we are doing or go to wunderground. Or to see the weather in Australia

At our first Friday morning meeting, we had to indicate it was our first meeting and tell who we were and where we were from. After the meeting a lady came up and said “I’m from Morris to! Turns out it was Mrs. Al Spangler, Steve Spangler’s mother! Small world! At the end of the block lives a couple from Illinois as well. Asked where they were from in Illinois and they said McHenry! I told them we were too! Told him who I had worked for and he asked if I knew this person. I said yes! She was my Fiscal officer at the Region Office! World getting smaller!

Thursday early am I woke to go to the bathroom and heard a gurgling noise. I looked at the washer and it was off! Step down to the floor and immediately knew something was wrong when I heard squish and felt the water! The cold water supply hose to the water heater at the connection had broken! These were plastic connectors, that after a period of time get brittle and eventually crack and separate. It happened to the hot water hose about 4 years ago. Should have replace both! We had to rip up all the carpet and pad as they were soaked.

When we get back we are going to tile the bedroom and maybe replace the carpet in the living room as well.

Time to get back to packing.

Happy trails!

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