BumbleBeast Adventures and Bears

Our adventures have taken us to places like Powderhorn, Capitol city and our last ride to the La Garita wilderness along the Los Pinos Pass road. This ride was easy as we did 86.6 miles round trip! Beautiful valleys, beaver ponds and forests. Towards the end of the trip we finally saw a moose! In fact a mom and calf. What a wonderful way to end our ride! Los Pinos Pass at EveryTrail

Bears have been coming around the camp the last few days. we usually see them via the camera at night, but the other day we had a 2-3 year old come rambling through in the morning. He was about 5 feet away from our door, when I went in to get my camera! He scooted away to behind the motorhome and went to a telephone pole to get a back scratch!

Later in the week we were asked to go to the owners house, as he had a bear in his garage! It was a cub. Do not know where mom was,but we got it out of the garage. As he ran out he ran toward me and made a u-turn and ran towards  Anita! Unable to get good pics, but did get a picture as he ran away. So that is our bear stories! Many more bears are going into town. It is getting to be crunch time to bulk up before  hibernation.

Hope you all are having a good summer! Hope to hear from you!

Happy Trails.


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