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Our time at Cape Foul Weather went by fast! Lots of whale sightings and great people to work with! Moving on to visit friends!

Our next stop for a week will be Westport, Washington, along the west coast about an hour north of Astoria, Oregon. Nice little town, mainly a fishing town. Did have a lighthouse and I was able to do an aerial view of that one. Later we went down to the Oceanshores area, but was unable to fly in that area. Did get to ride on the beach, however a marine layer came in and made it hard to see!

Our next stop was Auburn, Washington, to visit Jack and Robyn Bennett, friends we made in Tucson, along with their dog Kuba, Brody’s friend. While there I flew the Phantom around their subdivision, so Jack could show his neighbors. I flew about everytime we visited! It was good to see Jack, Robyn and Kuba! We will meet up again in Tucson, November 1! OH! jack ended up buying a drone too!

Moving on down Washington to Woodland. Where we stayed at Columbia Riverfront RV Resort. A nice park along the Columbia river. Quiet and peaceful about a mile or so from the interstate. We stayed here so we could visit Elaine Kasper, another friend we meet in Desert Trails Rv Park in Tucson. We went over for lunch and had a great time. Thanks Elaine.

We headed out to Silve spurs Rv Park, to stay a few days, before heading to Medford for our grandsons wedding. Silverton is also a nice park and we would stay there again. While there we took a Spyder ride to see 6 covered bridges. Now on to Medford!

We arrived in Medford about a week before the wedding, so we could visit with family as they arrived in Medford. The wedding was on Saturday the 29th at Wisteria Gardens. a beautiful venue and the weather was perfect! Sunshine and cool temps!D&H

That is our grandson Damen and his Bride Haley. They also have a daughter Wendy, who is just a little younger than our youngest grand child Isaac! So we now have a new great granddaughter ans well as a granddaughter! It was a short ceremony, but very nice.

We left Medford on the 31st and headed to our next assignment, Ainsworth SP, along the Columbia river Gorge. No flying here! It is a no fly zone in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area! Darn!

We arrived on the 1st and proceeded to our host site and after several tries to get our rig leveled, we opted for the alternative site offered. It was much, much better! We have B loop to watch over and so far it has okay duty. One downside is vehicle noise from the highways and train noise, especially at night.

Our tour of duty will be completed on the 30th and we will then head towards Idaho, to visit our neighbors and friends we have met in Tucson.

So until next time…. Happy Trails

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