Day 7 A Rest day

Today we were to go to another rain forest. However as we had to get up early to catch the bus and the last few days were hectic, we decided to take the day to rest. 

We slept late , got a late leisurely breakfast and went into Port Douglas for a look see and to do some shopping. Then back to the resort for a nap! Exciting right!  Later we took to the lagoon for a late afternoon swim.

 Our supper  that evening was a sit down 3 course meal. My choice for a main course was smoked duck. It looked like it was raw! After a few bites it wasn’t too bad. I called all our meals foo foo food! Fancy names and fancy ingredients. The problem with the meal was it took forever!  We started at 6:30 and got done with dessert by 9:15! What’s the problem you say? Well since we all were leaving tomorrow, several of us had to catch the 3:45 am bus to Cairns and we were to have our bags outside the room by 10 pm for pickup! Many that had gone on today’s outing were not even packed yet! We ended up carrying our own bags to the shuttle!

So ended our last night in Australia. We had a good time and the Solar Eclipse was spectacular! The people  are friendly, the scenery is great, however things are expensive. Yes I would go again! If you want to see a Total Solar Eclipse in a special place in the world, then book with Travelquest International. They are very professional and pay attention to detail. 

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