Fall in Colorado

Fall has arrived in Colorado! The temps in the early am has been in the low 30’s! Frost one morning and the leaves have started to change. One area the locals call”the postage stamp” has completed it’s change. This is the first area on the mountain to change colors in the fall. In the spring this area is the last to have the snow melt! Strange!

We have taken several rides up into the clouds! Our last ride took us to 12,400 ft. Wow what views we saw from there. All around us we saw the mountains turning gold in color. The aspens are rapidly turning. Snow has been observed on the higher peaks and one trail, Engineer pass had snow drifts and will soon be closed!

More and more deer are being sighted in town and at our campsite! Did see a moose on one of our trips. A big bull with a large beard. Have not seen any bears yet, but have seen scat along the road to our site. Locals told Loretta that the bears come into town every night to raid the garbage bins, or at least try.

Soon it will be time to leave for Arizona. But first we are going to try and go to Durango and ride the train to Silverton. They say this is a beautiful ride. Must be as we are having a hard time getting tickets!

Check out Loretta’s facebook for more pictures of the scenery that we saw on our atv rides. Enjoy the fall.

Happy Trails.

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