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We arrived in Kerrville, just after noon and AA tire was able to get us in right a way. We went to lunch at Billie Genes restaurant. This was a favorite of ours when we stayed in Kerrville. (last winter there was 2006-2007) Food was still fantastic! After lunch we went to Guadalupe RV Resort to check in. Our old (#72) site was not available, so we took one further down the row.

Our winter Texan friends will enjoy this. Nothing much has changed. Remember the park(Don)  had told us that the sites were to be leveled, reasphalted and the roads as well. Not done. all grass areas next to the sites were to be redone. Not done. Remember the pond (Don’s folly) Now weedy, all the stumps of the trees that were killed are still standing. Oh! just above the “pond” he dammed up the gully to make a “pool”, with a sign that says” children need to be accompanied by an adult. Water from rain storms drain into this area! Game room has moved to clubhouse. Previous building for game room is now Fitness center, with several machines. The saloon is going strong. The nite we stayed there the band went on beyond stated hours and the music was terrible! It is not a park for “winter Texans” any longer. It appears to be a party park now. Saw very few out of state license plates, a lot of toy haulers, motorcycles and golf carts. This is not a “resort” ! Just a campground. Oh and the rates have gone up to! Guess he finally has turned it into place for the weekenders and chased out all the “older folks” Although I understand a few of the “old group” still stay there. I for one am glad we moved on. Miss the friends we made, but not the park. will not go back.

Time to head to Natchez.  Left Kerrville early and took a break in Rockdale, Texas at a Walmart  Sitting there eating my lunch, when I saw 2 boys, one carrying a bb gun, along hs leg. Hmmm strange and not in a package. The stopped by a truck out of my sight line, and was doing something. soon they began walking again, this time one of the boys was walking with a limp and no sign of the gun. i watched as they continued to walk and debated about  going after them. I decided to confront them and headed toward them, when the boy limping suddenly threw something under a car, and continued walking, glancing back to see if I was still coming.  Talk about good timing! a police car pulls up and I flag him down and told him what I saw. we checked under the car and sure enough there was the bb gun. I described the kids and soon they appeared behind a parked semi and the police headed that way. Do not know what happened, but assumed they were apprehended as the police had their lights on. My good deed for the day.

Stopped for the day at a place called R Place Rv park outside of Palestine, Texas. Not the pretty of places, grass sites, trees, a small pond, a okay overnite spot. The next morning we see the resident wild turkey at a campsite. Here is Loretta’s description of what happened. Early this AM, another RV’er came out to ck his hoses, not noticing a rather large Wild Turkey about 10 ft from his door . David & I were chuckling & wondering what he would do. So this guy saunters towards the door to his trailer, gets just to the corner & Stops Dead in his Tracks (obviously Startled) when he finally sees the Turkey. He then does a Double Take & slowly backs around behind his rig. Walks all the way up to his truck & Peeks over the hood. Yep, the turkey is Still There 🙂 He watches a while longer B4 he finally walks back towards his door. Meanwhile we can hardly stop LOL David says the turkey is like the camp dogs, it’s used to people & just goes on about it’s business! I really wish I had a video so we could send it to AFV!

From Palestine, we drove to Vidalia, LA to Riverview rv park., Across from Natchez, MS. We have stayed here before. It to is suffering from some lack of maintenance, since the last time we were here in November of 2008. Still a good park, just needs some up keep.

Our home town area has experienced record flooding! The picture is of the historic Nettle creek aqueduct at Gebhard Woods State Park. This is one of the parks that I managed for over 20 years. The aqueduct carried the I&M Canal over the Nettle creek. Other parts of town were flooded as well, including the hospital, which had to be evacuated. Loretta’s aunt and uncle had to be evacuated from their house too. Many towns west of Morris also experienced severe flooding along the Illinois river. Barges broke loose and ended up against the Marseilles dam. 

so what caused this flooding you ask. Here is my reasoning. I have dealt with rains and flooding tin this area for over 32 years, I have recorded rainfall and tracked the weather for over 20 years, I have seen the growth that has taken place as well. Several years ago a record rainfall of over 16 inches of rain took place in the suburbs of Chicago. This caused the Dupage river and Desplaines river to rise to record proportions. a result of the rain was the dam at Channahon, was breached and collapsed. Severe flooding occurred in those suburbs. This rain fall only was 6-7 inches in total. So what caused all the flooding? One just have to look at all the development that has occurred in the area. More roof tops, more parking lots, more shopping centers, more road improvements, all with drainage that takes away the rain faster to the major streams that eventually ends up in the Illinois river. The land that used to allow the water a slow run off has been developed, so run off is faster. The tributaries and the Illinois river reach capacity faster each year and it is taking less and less rain to cause the flooding. It is not going to get better folks only worse as more and more building goes on and more and more water is diverted to the main streams.

Tomorrow we will take the Natchez Trace toward Tupelo, Mississippi. The parkway has a speed limit of 50 mph and no commercial truck traffic is allowed. Lots to see and as it is spring it should be blooming with flowers. This will be Loretta’s chance to practice driving! 

Stay tuned for further D&L adventures

Happy Trails!

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