Goodbye 2013

2013 is coming to a close. Overall it has been a good year, with lots of fun and some not so fun events. We put in more miles on this year than in the years past, as we traveled to Illinois for Haley’s and Zach’s graduations from 8th grade.2013 travel

Our year started with us leaving Tucson on the 15th of April and headed to Illinois.  (We left) Visiting places we had not been to before, like San Angelo, Texas. Stopped in Kerrville Texas, where we stayed for 4 winters, got new tires and headed to Natchez to ride the Natchez Trace once again.

Trip to Illinois We really like traveling the Trace. Quiet, peaceful and no truck traffic. Loretta even drove a little bit along the Trace. Stopped at Barnes Crossing, our usual spot to stop. While there we went on a tour of Civil war sites, like Cornith, Mississippi and the surrounding area. One of many historical areas we would visit this year. After leaving Mississippi, we arrived in Aurora, Ky to visit with good friends, Ralph and Angie Weber.

We have arrived We arrived in Champaign and visited with Heath and Sarah and the grandkids. Rained a lot while we were there. Later that week we arrived at our home address, my daughters front yard! Haley, and Zach would graduate this year and go on to high school. My how they have grown! we stayed until after Memorial day and then headed west to Colorado.

Our adventure continues Now our adventures begin! Scraped the motorhome in a casino campground, refrigerator started to leak ammonia, and stopped working! had to go to Wichita to get replaced. We had never been to Wichita before and did some exploring and visited with LeRoy and Ann Willis. Just a slight detour on our way west. while in the area we visited the graves of my gggfather and grandmother near Augusta, Ks.

Our adventures continuesII It seems we were not done with our adventure just yet! On our way up La Vetta Pass our upper radiator hose came off and I lost all my coolant. This was the first of 3 times it came off!

Lake City We arrived in Lake City, CO. without any further “adventures”!  I soon left for Tucson, to pick up the atv. 700 + miles one way. Made a quick turn around and headed back. Several forest fires were happening in New Mexico and Colorado. One just over the mountain from Lake City. fortunately the smoke never really got to us in Lake City. Our atv adventures began after I got back. we went on several  rides, with the longest being up and over Engineer and Cinnamon pass.

Colorado Update Fires are starting to be inactive. More atv rides and finally saw some moose! weather has been nice, not too much rain, although it has started the monsoon season. soon it will be time to leave Colorado for Wyoming, with Ron and Loretta.

On the road again We left on the 22nd of August, but not before the bears started to come down to visit us. We again had 3 bears visit us, Big bear, Little bear and Medium bear. I was able to get them on video. Got to my Albums and they should be on the Colorado album. Our adventure with the radiator hose was not over! Twice more it came off! Can you spell $$$$$/ The last time we got it fixed at a shop near Rifle Colorado. It has held since, although it has regular car antifreeze in it. I will be having it drained and refilled before we leave Tucson.

Wyoming and beyond we spent 9 days in Cody, Wyoming, enjoying the company of the Tobins and the Tabacinski’s. we rode the atvs, saw some wild mustangs and enjoyed the Buffal Bill Museum. Later we moved on to Hardin, Montana and later visited the Battle at Little Big Horn. Our next stop was Terry Montana. A very, very little town, to visit the Terry badlands of Montana. Very interesting. North Dakota and south Dakota was on our agenda. we visited TR’s ranch, Devils tower, Mt. Rushmore and many of the local historical sites, including the Badlands and wall Drug! On to Colorado via Nebraska.

Denver to South Carolina to Tucson Sounds like a weird way to get to Tucson, doesn’t it! We flew to SC for my youngest brothers wedding! leaving the motorhome and Brody in the very capable hands of ron and Loretta. Now their adventure begins. Brody got sick the day we left and required a visit to the vet and special care by Loretta. We thank them for taking wonderful care of our Brody!  Our historical tour took up again in New Mexico, as we visited Smoky Bear Historical Park and Lincoln County Historical District.

We have been at Rincon since the 16th of October. I took the train to Illinois for thanksgiving, surprising my family with my presence! Loretta spent Thanksgiving with Victor, Charlotte, Ron and Loretta. My train ride even had an adventure! At Little Rock, we were stopped for over an hour before they told us a freight had derailed a had of us! Originally they told us we would be there for about 7 hours, then about 3 am they woke us and told us to gather our stuff and board buses to go 100 miles north to where the south bound train was located. We switched trains with the southbound folks and went on our way. Now seven hours late! We did make up some time.

We have been active this year, with exercising more, hiking, ping pong, Zumba, bicycle riding etc. we are hoping to lose some weight and strengthen our bodies. Well you all know how that goes! We have done well, but still stumble once in a while. Oh and we have had our carpet and tile replaced with laminate flooring! This too has been an adventure! First the initial installer failed to show twice, so I fired him! The second installer began the day after I left for Illinois and ran into problems with the subfloor under the tile. it was glued and screwed to the floor. This proved to be a time consuming task, that left a mess for Loretta. Finally he began to lay 

photo (1)

the new floor and it looks great. it makes the living area look larger!

We hope all have had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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