Headed to Tucson (Part 1)

We left Honeyman Sp on October 1 and headed to the Corvalis area to have one last visit with the grandsons and their friend Edgar. We were surprised when our son and daughter in law showed up with them!. We spent the afternoon talking and eating pizza!

Our next stop was Redmond, Oregon fair and Expo rv park. From here we took a day ride to Kam Wah Chung SHS, to see what the area was like for a future position in the visitor center. Nice area, but can be hot in the spring. Did not make it to the Sumpter Drege site as it was another hour away.

Our next major siteseeing stop was Salt Lake City, Utah! Been by but never stopped. We stayed in a very nice KOA, not too far from the Square. There was a shuttle to the Square, but we missed it. However the staff drove us down and we rode back on the Mormon shuttle. We mainly walked around after we visited the Family History center to do some genealogy.

The next day we ventured to Antelope Island about 30 miles north of our location. It was a nice drive and very interesting. Did see a lot of Bison and a few Antelopes and lots of water fowl. Later that evening we went to a relative of Loretta’s for supper. This was a relative that Loretta had found doing genealogy and first met in Florence, Az when we all met at a restaurant.

Next stop Moab, Utah! We had never been here before. We stayed south of town in a park called Spanish Trails. A nice enough rv park, gravel and we had a pull in-back out site, with 30 amp electric, which was fine. However when I plugged in my energy management system kept saying I was on 50 amp! That was impossible! After doing an internet search (love the internet!) for possible answers, I came upon one that said if you have a breaker off it could cause it to miss read.  (our washer and dryer was not working too, but I thought that was the door switch not working again) So I checked my breakers and low and behold the breaker for the washer was off! Washer now worked and the EMS finally was reading correctly!

Our purpose in staying in Moab was to See Arches and Canyonlands National Park. One day we rode the Spyder to and through Arches! What a beautiful place (Video ) A great ride on the Spyder too!

Canyon Lands was just as beautiful! So glad we stayed here!

Leaving Moab we headed south on US 191 to Bluff, Utah where we stayed at Cottonwood RV park.  (Aerial Video) A nice park in a very small town!

To be continued……



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