Hosting at Johnny Sack Cabin

Johnny Sack Cabin at Big Springs

We began our first week of work at Johnny Sack Cabin on Fathers day. We had 283 visitors on that day. Our work schedule is Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays, 10 to 4. We do get paid $25 per day plus mileage. The pay is a plus for us! We have never gotten paid before and certainly did not expect it!

Loretta worked the inside explaining about the cabin and answering the multitude of questions and I stayed outside to welcome our visitors and to explain about the water wheel, generator, pump and tank up on the hill. The question I got asked the most? When did the tree fall into the springs!

We have discovered that because the cabin is about 1/4 mile or more away from the bridge on the other side of the springs, I estimate that we only get about 1/3 of the visitors to the springs. Usually we get families on vacation to the area.

We have about a 11 mile ride from our motor home to the cabin. It is an enjoyable ride, scenic and at times we get to see some of the local wildlife!

This mama moose and her calf were spotted in a spring, wet area about 3 miles from the cabin on our way home. The next day we spotted just mama in the springs. I am sure the calf was near by laying down!

Every day is an awesome day with a beautiful view of the springs!

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Happy Trails.


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