Hot Hot Hot

It has been in the 100’s for the last 2 weeks. We did a have a reprieve a few days ago, in the low 90’s!

Yesterday was the official start of the monsoon season, which lasts until September, with the heaviest rain being between July and August. Last year it was a pretty dry monsoon season. This year looks like it will be wetter than last year.

The 5th of June there was a small thunderstorm that created a lightning strike in the Catalina mountains. This started a fire. They have named it the Bighorn fire. It is a wildfire that has consumed over 14,000 acres. If you scroll down, there is a link to some photos of the fire. We are safe here at RCW.

We could at one point see the flames on our side of the mountains.

There have been some evacuations that have occurred. It is now 30% contained. The higher humidity last night helped a lot.

We have had Directv and AT&T for over 17 years and decided to switch to Dish  for our tv service. Direct was doing away with the long distant channels (ABC,CBS, NBC) that we have had ever since we have been rving. Another factor was the cost. By switching and getting the local channels here in Tucson we saved $151 per month! We did so well we decided to get rid of AT&T as well. We switched to Sprint and saved over $100 per month! So far everything is working out. Some glitches with AT&T over equipment, but we ironed that out! Phone numbers are all the same.

We have been able to go out to eat several times. Dine in is open, but have limited capacity due to the social distancing. Museums, theaters and other tourist attractions are still closed, so we have not been going anywhere except to the grocery stores! Our pool has opened with hours for swimming and hours for closing. We have not gone yet, but is looking inviting this week.

Loretta has been working on genealogy and sorting pictures to give to her children and of course shopping! I on the other hand have continued to ride my trike each morning.

I am up usually by 3am! Yes 3am. I am out the door by 4:45 am to hit the trail for my morning ride. I check the hourly weather each morning, to see how many hours I can ride before the temps get too hot. Usually it is between 3-4 hours of riding, which may equal 20-25 miles. This am at 3 it was still 81! (77 at ride time) So definitely a shorter ride the morning.

Last month I was able to complete 800 miles! So far this month I have ridden 335.96 miles. For the year 2471.2 miles. I really love riding, especially early mornings.

The trail I ride runs along the Santa Cruz river. This river runs from south to north. It no longer has water in on a regular basis, due to the growth of the area over the years and the demand for water. However they are now in some sections placing reclaimed water back into the river basin.

One of those sections is about 3 miles from our rv park. Because the underpass was closed at a main highway due to construction, I never ventured any further north and did not observe the water in this section of the river. The end of May, a project was started to remove large amounts of sediments from the river as the capacity had been diminished over the years. Since they had been pumping ware into this section for about a year, it had to be shut off to accommodate the project. Now that the project to remove the sediment is completed, the water has been turned back on. Not knowing any of this I was surprised to see water beginning to pool up and travel north the last couple of days. So this moring after getting back I did some googling to find out why water was flowing in the river. This is what I found out. Santa Cruz River Heritage Project. So in a few days, weeks we will have a small stream of water in the river once again!

Hope all is well with everyone! I will leave you with a short video of my 48 mile ride, when the temperatures were just right!





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