Our destination for this summer is Island Park, Idaho.

Johnny Sack Cabin at Big Springs

We will be working at Johnny Sack Cabin and at Upper Mesa Waterfall, along Henry’s fork of the Snake River near Ashton, Idaho. 

We will be alternating with another couple, every 2 weeks, 3 days a week with 4 days off! Not a bad deal, plus we get $25 per day and mileage!

We will be staying at the Island Park Ranger Station compound. This area had sites for small trailers with roofs covering them. The roofs were removed and the concrete post with rebar were left. We had to maneuver between those posts and hope our slides could come out. No problem if our bins did not come out with the slides! After jockying back and forth we were able to get in and all slides came out and cleared the posts… well almost! Our passenger slide came out to with in 3 inches of the post! To get into the bin we will have to pull the slide in 3-4 inches so the door will clear. Not sure of the purpose of the concrete pads that run across the site. We were fortunate that our rear jacks fell right over one of the pads. We have water, sewer and 50 amp service!

The area also has barracks for the US Forest Service employees who maintain the National Forest and work on the fire fighting crews. we do not see them very often as they stay in the field.

I have 5 cameras located around the motor home. I am hoping to catch some images of the various wildlife that can be present in the area. Wolves, Moose, Elk, Bear and various other smaller mammals. Our first night in our site we heard what sounded like sirens, but different. Take a listen!

It was kind of eery! We asked our friends about it and they said yep wolves, and that they have seen them and hear them a lot.! 

No pictures on the cameras, but did get pictures of a Moose! We were coming back from a trip to Ashton to sign our paper work and on outer loop of our compound, when a moose got up and ran across the road in front of us! First Loretta said “a horse” then quickly said no a “moose” She stopped in the trees and we got some pictures and later I was walking Brody and she was in the open an we got a good picture of her. She was still hanging around last night too. She bedded down about 100 yards behind the motor home.

She has since moved on! I am sure she will come back.

We will start work on Sunday, 10 am to 4pm. weather is supposed to be nice for the next week!

Until later  Happy Trails


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