Illinois and beyond

We left Tucson and headed to Lake City, Colorado, well actually Alamosa, Colorado. We stopped at the Walmart and Loretta and Brody stayed there while I with the car and atv headed to Lake city, Co. Arrived fine, dropped atv off and headed back to Alamosa to Loretta and Brody.

Our next big stop was Pender, Nebraska at the Blue Ox factory, to have the tow bar inspected. Nice campground. Our tow bar was 12 years old and needed to be replaced. We received an upgrade and even got a rebate on our old tow bar. Still $$$$. 

Arrived at our daughters on May 12. Settled in and went to the final ball games for our Grandson Luke. Graduation was on the 18th. 


 Hard to believe that he will be going to College in August! But when one grows up it seems like another comes to us to start the process all over! 


May 25th saw Isaac Thomas Heath Carr came into the family.  He is a cutie and has 3 proud brothers and a sister to help look after him!


On May 31st we participated in the Relay for Life at MCHS field. We were part of the Class of 64 group. I had said if I reached my goal for fund raising I would wear my kilt.! I reached my goal and I wore my kilt! 


We had a good visit with family, attended graduation parties and did some genealogy too.  Fathers day was great as we went out to eat with Heather and family. 


Today we are In Milton, Wisconsin for about 2 weeks before we head to Door county. We have Illinois friends near by and will visit them as well as do some sightseeing. Looking forward to Egg Harbor and Door county.

Looks like the weather is not going to cooperate, at least for a week. Rain, rain,rain!

After Door county we will head back to our daughter’s so we can attend our 50th class reunion! Should be fun and looking forward to the event.

Until later have a safe summer!

Happy Trails.

Time to

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