It has been awhile!

When I left ya we were still in Australia!Better get us home!!! We had to catch a bus to Cairns for our plane ride to Sydney. As we were getting ready to board the bus, Marg asked me “where is your hat”? Oops it was on the shelf in the room. I had moved it from on top of my pack to the shelf so I could put something else in the pack! Close call! Thanks Marg!

Our flight to Sydney was uneventful and the waiting game started. Waiting in line to go through customs and Immigration. No problems, made it through fine, just had to wait and watch other folks! Brother Brian, left us in Sydney. He took another flight directly to Dallas and then on to SC. Thanks bro for a good time!!!

Our flight from Sydney to LA was a good flight. I tried to go on LA time for being up and sleeping. Must of done something right as I did not have any jet lag! We arrived back in Tucson and Ron and Loretta were waiting for us! Good to be back home! Brody was excited to see us!!! Now to get back into a routine.

Victor and Charlotte Westmoreland  arrived  just before we got home,as well as Barb and Al.  All from Desert Trails.  

Nothing spectacular going on. Ron, Loretta, Loretta and I had our Thanksgiving at their motor home and Loretta and I celebrated Christmas eve and Christmas day with my best friend Ray Corlew and his wife Pat at their home in Sun Lakes. It took three calls from Ray and Pat to convince us to come up! Our dog watcher and Brody’s buddy, Loretta1 (that’s what we call the other Loretta) was flying to California the next day, however I saw Victor and asked him if he would watch Brody and  he agreed! So we packed our bags and went to Sun Lakes for Christmas. Ray preached at Christmas eve service and then we went back to his house for some finger food and pleasant  conversation.

Christmas day was spent in more fun conversation after breakfast and before our wonderful steak lunch, cooked by Ray on his grill. Joining us were long time friends of Ray and Pat, making 6 of us for lunch. Thanks Ray and Pat for convincing us to come and to Victor and Loretta1 for watching Brody! We had a great time.

After Christmas Loretta left for San Diego to visit with Kim and Angie and the 3 grand girls! She is on her way home today! Hurray! Thanks Victor and Charlotte for the meals and companionship during Loretta’s absence. Thanks to Ron for the loan of his car to do some shopping.

Our weather here has turned cool and over the last 2 weeks a little rainy. Temps have been in the mid 60’s during the day and around 30 in the am. For my friends in the colder north, I am not complaining, but when you start to get used to the warmer weather, and then it cools down, we do say brrrr it’s cold. I still wear shorts!

I have posted more pictures in the Australia album, so take a look. Web cameras are also up and running. We now have a neighbor on our passenger side and more across the street! Starting to fill up!

Have visited many of our friends at Desert Trails and will continue to stop over and visit. You all are also welcome to come visit us. A few have!

Well time to get something done today (Loretta’s on her way) you guys know what I mean! Ha Ha

Happy Trails!


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