Lake City, Colorado

Area History

Born of volcanic fire, but shaped primarily by glacial ice, the San Juans make up the largest mountain range in Colorado. They encompass an area comparable in size to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts combined, covering about 12,000 square miles of Colorado’s awe-inspiring “southwest.”

Lake City "Main street"

Rich in veins of ore that have greatly influenced the history of this wondrous place, the northeastern San Juans – including Hinsdale County and Lake City – also boast the geologically significant Slumgullion Earthflow that produced Lake San Cristobal (the second largest natural lake in Colorado), dramatic waterfalls, rugged peaks, valleys, gulches, and natural bounty that remain today virtually undiscovered. The following is a historical timeline of Hinsdale County and the Town of Lake City – hidden gems in Colorado’s beautiful San Juans. For more info  Lake City web page.


It has been unseasonably warm here in the mountains, just as it has been everywhere! We have cooled down and are now having thunderstorms and rain. Rain that is badly needed. Many fires in Colorado. We have one just to the south of us that we have gotten some smoke. That fire is now pretty much contained and the rain in the past few days has helped.

We celebrated the 4th, with a parade in the morning and a walk downtown to the park for the activities there, including the reading of the Declaration of Independence! Hurrah! The parade was fun, caught a lot of candy in my hat! Oh! Not for me, but for the little girl next to me. Her name was Autumn and was one of our VBS students! She had a bag full when the parade was over!!

VBS. Yes we worked VBS for the First Baptist Church. Our friends Victor and Charlotte asked me to run the computer each day for worship and music sessions, as the person that was supposed to do it backed out at the last minute! Loretta was asked to be the photographer. What a week! Very intense, but well run! Our motto was Awesome God Amazing power! It was an aviation theme, with video, with action to go along with the words, which actually were ASL sign language. The kids loved it! I now have those songs permanently in my brain!

As we spent a week working VBS and it has been raining this week, we have not gone on any ATV rides! Hopefully next week will be better weather wise. Today we will be going Geocaching downtown. The city has a brochure with geocaches listed for a walking tour of town!

So let us know how your summer has been going! Until the next time keep your powder dry and your horse fed!

Happy Trails.



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