Leaving Stub Stewart and heading to Beverly Beach

Wow, time flies! It seems like we just got to Stub Stewart SP near Buxton, Oregon and now it is time to leave.

We have met a lot of nice Camp Hosts, one couple in particular, Sam Owens and Gail. Sam is the owner of a Polaris Slingshot.sling This is a 3 wheeled motorcycle like my Spyder, except it is a side by side and has a steering wheel. It used to be when I was riding the Spyder I would get ooo’s and ahhh’s, but now I get nice and they turn to the Slingshot and say WOW. Just kidding you Sam! Now that I am in Newport, it is back to the ooo’s and ahhh’s once again.

Sam also introduced me to another hobby! You see Sam had a Drone with a GoPro. He said lets fly it, you will really like it! So we did and I did! This is a Phantom 2 from DJI. Phantom2it came with a gimbal and a personal viewing system. I added a GoPro Camera and I was now a novice pilot! Sam was my instructor and I had my first flight right below my motor home. Go to Discoverydavecarr on YouTube for videos of my flights and Spyder adventures. We have been having a lot of fun.

I finally got my Rampage lift for the truck. I had to drive to Olympia, Washington to have it installed. Burton Olympia Welding and Machine, LLC did the installation. what a great guy! I would recommend  Dean Burton to do any of your welding or fabrication needs!  This is a pic after I got the Spyder rampageloaded ready to travel to our next location. Did it go smoothly? NO! Not the equipment’s fault, just the operators fault! In the process I was able to pull the guide pipe out of its hole and bend the pipe! I discovered this when we unloaded at Beverly Beach and it ran the unit back up, it then wedged the pipe on the side of the hole it was supposed to go in! Had to use a bottle jack to force the plate out to release the pipe. i was able to remove the pipe and take it to a welding facility where they straightened the pipe! Should work better now. I just need to remember which pins to remove and which ones to put in and in what order! 

July  1 we left Stub Stewart Sp and headed to our next assignment. Cape Foulweather gift shop and Whale watching information center.BBCamp Our rv site will be at Beverly Beach SP, near Newport, Oregon. we will have about a 3 mile ride to Cape Foulweather. 

We were worried about our rv site not being big enough, but as you can see we had plenty of room for everything. It was a little tight getting into. This park is older and the sites tend to be small. The roads are also narrow. Lots of kids too!

Something we did not know is that you are only allowed 2 vehicles per site. Okay I have 2, the motorcycle and the truck right? Wrong I have 3. They count the motor home as 1, so I have 3 and will have to move one somewhere else. Not comfortable with that! Still waiting to talk with someone about that. So far they are not pushing the issue. However, a 5th wheel,or a trailer, even though licensed and titled are not counted as a vehicle! Seems a little unfair to me.

We really love working at the Gift shop, especially since we get to see Grey whales almost everyday! We work with 2 great employees, Erin and Peter. Both temps but very knowledgeable. I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel Discoverydavecarr. While you are there why not subscribe and be notified when I post future videos.

We are halfway through our “tour of duty” and soon we will be heading out to Washington state for a couple of weeks, before we return to Oregon for a grandson’s wedding and then we head to the Columbia river Gorge to work at Ainsworth Sp as Camp hosts.

So until our next update have a safe and fun summer.

P.S. Please be praying for our friends Archie and Victor and their families as both are very ill and need your prayers.


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