New month new State!

It is October and we completed our hosting job at Island Park on September 9th and headed to Cody Wyoming on the 11th.

Our goal for Cody Wyoming was to visit with our friends Bill and Elaine!. We had not seen then for 5-6 years! What a great time we had visiting. Good food, good conversations, some sight seeing, lots of laughs and even rock bingo!

What is rock bingo you ask, well it is bingo with rocks as prizes. What! Yep we went to a Rock and Gem club meeting with Bill and Elaine. We both had bingos and got to pick a rock. Loretta got a polished petrified wood. Not sure I remember what I picked. LoL

It was great to spend 10 days in Cody. I even rode the Bear tooth

 highway via the Chief Joseph scenic highway from Cody. I believe it was 180 miles round trip. I did get rained on a little about 5 miles from Cody! Just enough to wet the windshield.

As I rose in elevation the temps started to drop and the wind picked up too. I started out in shorts, but before long I had to stop, take off my vest, put my jacket on and pull on my wind screen pants! Most of the snow had melted, but I could see some snow on the higher mtn. tops. In fact just before we were to leave Cody, it did snow on Beartooth pass and the highway was closed for awhile. It had more snow after we left so I am sure that it is closed now for the winter.

We left Cody after a great visit with Bill and Elaine. Thanks for the hospitality! 

Our next stop over nite was the Sweetwater Fairgrounds and event center. Our route would take us on Wyoming 28. Not a bad road but did have 2 7% grades for several miles. Weather was cool and with downshifting at the right times my engine did not overheat or even go up much! Sweetwater F&EC was okay, we had to be crosswise in front of 2 spaces as there were no pull thrus. 

The next extended stay was Ogden, Utah to visit with Bron and Ann. Folks we had met in Tucson and Bron was ,is one of my hiking buddies and leaders of our Tucson hikes. At Brons’ suggestion we stayed at Century RV Park

Century was a nice park, near the freeway. The staff was most helpful especially with our repair situation and the need to possibly stay longer.

Oh! I forgot! As we were getting ready to leave Island Park, our passenger slide came in very reluctantly! When we tried to get it out at our next stop, it would not go!. My guess at the time was the motor and gear box were broken.  Bron tried to get me an appointment with his rv dealership but they were booked up until late October. i even called them but same answer! It would have been convenient to have the work done while near Bron and Ann, so if we needed to be out of the motor home we would have a place to stay.

I started to look for another rv dealership in the area and found Sierra Rv not far from our campground. I called and talked to a very nice young lady. She too told be they were booked. However after talking to here she said she would come in on her day off to see that I was taken care of. We set the date and time, then I get a call from here that due to a family emergency she needed to change the date to earlier. This was fine with me! 

So the day came and I was there by the selected time. Began the checkin process and the lady I spoke with was not there and had forgotten to move my appointment! My service advisor Nicia, consulted with the Shop manager and they agreed to take care of me! Motorhome was taken into a bay and looked at by a great tech by the name of Johnny. Yep a broken gear case and bolts that hold it on. Now we had to order the part. It was about 3 pm on a Friday. They found the part and got it ordered! It would be in on Monday! The day we were scheduled to leave. Perfect. Now it depended on when it arrived and how long to install. Well it did not arrive until late morning and took about 1 hour to install. We were on our way and was going to keep our reservation at Windwillow Rv in Hurricane, Utah (non refundable) Insurance paid most of it but I did have a deductible (500) to pay.

Next stop Wind Willow Rv park. All of our friends said stay here. So we did for 4 days. This gave us some tome to explore Zion and the surrounding area. It also gave me a chance to fly my new Dronw. A Mavic Pro. Unable to fly in Zion, I was able to fly outside of town at a place called La Verkin overlook. Here is a link to the video LA Verkin.

We really enjoyed seeing Zion again, although we did not do any hiking we did enjoy the scenery from the shuttle.(I have planter Fasciitis) But a nice visit anyway!

On our way to San Diego! Only one more stop to make before we get into town. We stopped at Barstow at an rv park called Shady Lane

Shady lane is not much to look at and the sites are a little tight but the customer service was great. Best so far on our trip!

Did have some overheating problems on the way to Barstow. It seems like we were pulling up hill with a head wind most of the way. Never really got critical just higher temperatures than when I pulled the 7% grades a few days earlier. Oh and it was in the 90’s too. So that combo of head wind, heat and up hill probably had something to do with it too.

Interesting thing happened at the Scipio Utah Flying J. Pulled in to take a bathroom break (me and Brody) As I exited the MH a young man came up and said that as I turned he saw my inside dual wobble like it was low on air. Then as we talked more he said “see that orange band on the tire?” I said not really. He went on to explain that it was due to heat build up and I should have my tires inspected. He pointed out the Michelin store and said just tell them I sent you, my brother is the manager. I walked over and checked it out and thought I might have them air up my tires, but then I started to think about it. Hmmm inspect tiers find something wrong and oh you need new tires! Nope not gonna happen. A couple of days later I saw a post in FB about the same thing! So beware out there!

Arrived here at Olive Ave Rv park and the customer service was great too! All their sites for whatever reason( drainage?) slope to the front, so much so they provide wooden risers for you. Loretta did not like the site assigned, so the young lady found us a back in that did not look to bad. However the site was still occupied and they should have been out. 

No problem we could wait. Backed in no problem, but did have to go to the top of the riser! Jacks down to stabilize. Park is nice and the folks are nice as well. $1000.00 a month, but that includes electric!

We will be here a month visiting with our daughters Kim and Angie and their daughters as well.

At the end of the month we will head to Indio, California and stop and see Gary and Carol Gunnerson, classmates from high school. 

Rincon West by November 2nd for our last  and final stop for the next 5 months!




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