On the move

We are on the move once again! Headed to Oregon! But first an update on Loretta. She had a stint put in her right renal artery and is doing great! Thanks for all the prayers!

We left Rincon on April 12th and headed to the Freightliner dealer for our annual oil and lube job. Completed the work, stayed the night and headed to Eloy the next morning to have breakfast with Wayne, Angie and Sarah.

Leaving Eloy and made it just passed Maricopa and the check engine light came on! So we took an exit and pulled into a wide spot in the road and called a mobile service to check what was wrong. While waiting for the service, I looked at my message center and saw I could bring up the fault codes, however I needed a password. So I went to the internet and looked up what the code could be. Someone posted to try 8127, so I did and it worked! The fault code was for a boost sensor with some numbers I did not understand. Once the service got here he plugged it in and came up with the same code. He cleared the code and checked the sensor on the engine (after we cleared items under the bed to get to the engine) and said we should be good to go. So we did.

Our goal was to stop in Quartzsite for the night. Now it was getting dark and we hadn’t driven in the dark for lots of years! Our solar lights on the side of the motorhome all came on as cars went past us! At least we were well lit up! Oh! No check engine light!

Leaving the next morning, planning on going 250 to 300 miles, we got about 30 miles from Indio, when yep the check Engine light comes on! So now we are limping along at about 35 mph, so i pull over and check the codes, clear it and we are on our way again, but nort for long, the light comes on again. Time to find a mobile service and see what is really going on. Got a hold of a mobile service and he asked if we could met him at TA truck stop. He explained that his shop is under renovation and he has been using TA to work on vehicles. ( First red flag!) Met him at TA ( after meeting Gary and Carol Gunderson and their grandson Ryan) He pulled up in and SUV (2 red Flag) After getting the codes, we opened the engine compartment and he thought the turbo was bad, so he pulled the turbo and it did show damage. If you look inside you can see the shiny areas on the blades and the center shaft. The shaft had some play in it and the blades were rubbing on the rim. 

I had noticed that Freightliner had said on my ticket that I would need a new air cleaner soon (they did not bring to my attention while at the shop) So I asked Anthony to check the air cleaner. when he took it off a mud dauber wasp nest fell out! So Freightliner never even looked at the filter, only the gauge in the back of the motorhome! Dirt and pieces of that or other nests could have damaged the turbo.( Probably got the wasps while in Idaho) So I asked him to replace the air filter too.  So Anthony was taking the turbo to a company in San Bernadino to have them take a look at to see if it could be rebuilt! Ah but it was Saturday, and they would be closed by the time he got there! So Monday would have to do and Tuesday the earliest he could get it back!

Meanwhile we are running on the generator now for the last 4 days. It runs on diesel from the fuel tank. It is hot so we run the air. Tanks are filling up. At least I can dump the gray water onto some shrubs (they could use the water) Anthony calls and said turbo shot, new one is 1500.00 (Oh! Forgot he had to have $600 deposit before he took took it to be serviced. Red flag #3) So I said get new! (Anthony did stop by on his way to take the turbo, to see how we were doing and also called a couple of times. Good flags!)

It is now Wednesday and Anthony calls and said he is on his way with the new turbo. Install the new turbo and air cleaner and we are on our way. Start engine, no light! Left TA to travel about 116 miles, but only got 20 miles when check engine light come on again! Pulled into a mall and called Anthony, who traveled to us once again. Cleared the code and he rode with us for another 20 miles and no light. Dropped Anthony off and proceeded on our way. Yep light came on again about 60 miles further on. Now I knew if I pulled over and cleared the code, we would not limp along. So I cleared the code and got to a Pilot Station, when it came on again. So we pulled into an overflow lot (wind now blowing at 20mph with gusts to 40!) Turned our back to the wind and spent a rock and roll night in a dust storm! Fortunately a semi pulled in behind us broadside to the wind which helped block the wind. Still our awning over our bedroom window kept billowing out. It was still there in the morning!

After talking with 2 service repair men, I decided that the Boost sensor was bad. Called a parts place and ordered the part. While there picking up the part, I began talking to Richard a repairman for a shop just down the street. He agreed it was probably the sensor. I invited him to go back to the motorhome with me! He said be cheaper if you come to the shop. Just ask for Daniel he said. So I did. Even though Daniel was not feeling well he took the time to install the park within an hour and assured me that if the code cleared on it’s own then the sensor was the problem. Started the engine and no light! I think God sent Richard and Daniel to me, just when I needed someone!

We have now travel over 700 miles, holding our breath, and no check engine lights! Our fuel mileage has increased and we seem to run better! Thanks to all who have been praying for us!

We are now in Medford, Oregon, visiting with our son David and his family. Our grandson TJ got married a month or so ago and are living with them, so we get to spend some time with him and his wife Baylee.


TJ, Baylee and I hiked up to the Lower Table Rock area. a 4 plus mile hike uphill all the way. The views were fantastic! See the Video of our hike. What a beautiful day it was. Be sure to check out my new website about hiking. Kiltedhiker

Our stay here in Medford will be ending on Sunday, when we will move on to Silverton, Oregon for the night and them on to Stub Stewart Sp for our hosting duties at the Depot.

Enjoy your summer and keep in touch!

Happy Trails


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