On the train

We headed to the train at 12:15am,with Ron Tobin driving! No problems. We boarded about 1:45 and settled in our roomette. These roometts are 3’6″x 6’6″ so the room is not very big! I slept on the top. It was not easy the first time to get up or down, but I am now a pro.
The first night was over and we got up early for breakfast. They had a new crew being trained, so it did not go very smoothly. Food was good as was lunch and dinner.
No problems until we reached AlpineTexas. While stopped we got word of a derailment a head of us. We were told there would be a 2 hour delay,then a 4 hour, then a 6 hour delay. We finally left at 7:30 pm. That was fine as we had a 7 hour layover in San Antonio scheduled. We arrived in SA about 4am, so plenty of time to catch the engine going north.
We are now in taylor texas. We are on schedule and should be arriving in Chicago about 1pm on Wednesday.
Happy trails until later.

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