Onward and Upward (Headed North)

After our Alaskan Cruise we headed back to Medford,Oregon to pickup our dog Brody. He was staying with our son and daughter-in-law! I think he did well and Kim certainly enjoyed him and took good care of him!

Headed back to the motor home that we left at Camp Blanco, in Port Orford. All was well, no problems. We spent about 10 days just relaxing before we headed out to Honeyman State Park in Florence, Oregon for our next assignment.

Our work assignment is at the Welcome center. We greet visitors, sell firewood, rent bicycles and sell all kinds of passes! We work 5 days a week from 8am to 12pm. 2 days off. Our rv site is about 1oo’ away, but across from the playground! It can get noisy at times!

We have taken the Spyder for a couple of rides. Once to Newport and where we worked last year, Otter Crest Scenic View Point. Saw some whales, but learned that Erin the Ranger we worked with last year did not come back. Bummer! On the way home we stopped at South Beach Sp to see Terra, our host Ranger at Stub Stewart last year. She was there and happy to see us and immediately introduced us to the Host Coordinator for the park. The Park Manager even came out and tried to recruit us! We were told if we want a position for 2018 to let them know, as they have several positions and locations. We are interested in a Natural area position that includes giving Kayak tours on a creek and working at the visitor center. The area is beautiful, and quiet! Need to let them know as soon as possible!

Our plans when we leave here are to head east toward John Day, Oregon. There are 2 parks there we are interested in for the Spring of 2018.  Kam Wah Chung SHS. This is a Fully preserved Chinese mercantile and apothecary. Assignment would be giving tours and working the gift shop. The other site we may be interested in is theSumpter Valley Dredge SHA. This is a former gold dredge on the scenic Elkhorn Byway. Again working the visitor center and giving tours.

Next on our agenda is Moab, Utah to visit Arches National Park and the surrounding area. Then it is off to Canyon De Chelly. We had visited here in 2004, but did not take the jeep tour through the Canyon. Moving on we will visit Monument Valley again on our way back to Sedona, Az, our first stop on our way to Oregon in the spring!

Our last leg of our journey will be to Tucson and the rv resort Rincon Country West. It has been a good year and will be looking forward to relaxing for the next 5 months, before we journey back to Illinois to see family and friends and to watch 2 grand children graduate from High School!

Hope your summer has been just as much fun!



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