Our Adventure Continues II

While waiting for our fridge to be installed, we took a trip to town to have a bite to eat. Found a barbecue place, not bad but not good either. After lunch we decided to go looking for the cemetery where my 3greatgrandfather is buried. It is called Kuster cemetery. Later we found out it is pronounced Kooster cemetery! No wander the locals did not know of it. So we headed to the historical society and they gave us directions.

We found it! It didn’t take us long to find the grave, as I had a picture of it from a previous visit some 12 years ago. Not only did we find his grave but his daughter Sarah Bacon, right next to him. No others seem to be buried there.

We headed back to the dealers and they were about through with the installation. To get the old fridge out and the new fridge in they had to remove the slide out window on the drivers side. We did not watch this operation of getting the old out and the new in! 

As the new fridge was a little different bin wise, Loretta took a bin from our old fridge that she liked better., also some of the other smaller bins. Later she discovered there was only 1 shelf in the right freezer. So she called and they are going to mail one to us! I would highly recommend this dealer if you are ever in the Wichita area. It is 54 Auto and Trailer sales.

We left around 1:30pm and headed to Lamar,Colorado for the night. About 300 miles, a little more than we normally do. It was formally a KOA. It need a  lot of work, but it was only overnite.

Leaving early in the am we were hoping to get to Alamosa early, as it was Loretta’s birthday and we were hoping to get a good meal and see a movie. Notice I said hoped! Rolling along fine until we got to Walsenburg and started up to  north La Veta Pass. The engine started to overheat a little so I began dropping to lower and lower gears  but nothing would cool it down! Soon low coolant light came on and the engine protection light as well as check engine. Fortunately we were at a chain up area so we puled over and shut down. Now what do we do? Pulled out my Good Sams ERS card and called. Got through and after giving him our coordinates he was able to locate us. Remember we are in the mountains and a town of any size is 50+ miles away. He found us a mobile mechanic from a large towing busines in Trinidad, Colorado. Said he would be there in 100 minutes and they would call us back then to see if they had arrived.

While waiting for the mechanic, a fifth wheel pulled in and they soon had their hood up. I walked over and asked if he was overheating too. No he said his check engine light came on again. He had it happen a few mile back and he shook out his air cleaner and it went away. He tryed it again but this time it did not work. we tried many things but nothing worked. Iphone to the rescue! Searched the net and found a business in the nearest town La Veta. They did not have a filter but gave them a number to call that might have one. Sure enough they did, so we unhooked the car and Loretta drove him into town to get it. Problem solved and on their way they went. On to Durango! It was almost 4pm! They had a long ride ahead of them, over Wolf Creek Pass!

The mechanic arrives a little late but close to on time. After a short analysis of the situation, he begins to fill it up with antifreeze. After about 6 gallons, antifreeze began to pour out around the radiator! Oh no a broken hose??? Nope the upper radiator hose simply fell off and was hanging there with the clamp still on it.  after putting the hose back on he proceeded to fill it up. It took 7 gallons of antifreeze! We were on our way again. The mechanic followed us up to the top of the pass just in case. Everything went fine! Motor home did not even heat up and I was able to make good speed going up.

Arrived at the Alamosa KOA about 6:30pm, got set up and found a good place to eat in town. It was a brew pub and they served seafood, as that is what Loretta wanted for her birthday. The menu we saw on Yelp indicated Salmon, but when we looked at the real menu it was not on it. They did have Colorado Trout! I had a filet migon and a local beer. Not bad and Loretta even got a free dessert!

Our next stop was , me fuel, Loretta Walmart. We met at Walmart stocked up and departed about 11:30 am, headed to Lake City! all went well and as we started u to Slumgullion pass, we decided to unhook. No problems all the way up and down (7% grade down) arrived about 2:30 and got all set up! Good to see the gang, Loretta and Ron, Victor and Charlotte and Jim and Selene. 

Well that is our rv adventure for now. We will sit for a while and relax and atv. Speaking of atv, I leave Monday for Tucson to pick up the Beast and bring it back. It will be a quick trip down and back.

Happy trails and keep in touch.

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