Our Adventure continues

Our time in our home area was short. We first stopped in Champaign to attend our grandson’s confirmation service and stayed for 5 days visiting. We then moved “up” the road to our Verona address at our daughters house.

Loretta had scheduled some tests with one of our doctors that we had when we lived in the area. So that took up  couple of days as the hospital was 80 miles away and the test required some prep so an over nite stay at a motel was required. Later the doctor requested 2 more tests, however we were able to have them done in Morris, a 15 minute drive. Loretta was also able to visit with a couple of friends, that she hadn’t seen in a while.

Our granddaughter Haley graduated from 8th grade. She was the most beautiful young lady, all dressed in her cap and gown. Now in my day we did not have cap and gowns! A new suit and tie was my attire for my 8th grade graduation. Our graduation was held in a “city” school, as our school was a rural school and we did not have a suitable place to do the graduation. Our grandson Zach also graduated from 8th grade. We went to his party as Loretta had tests on the morning of his graduation. Congratulations to both for jobs well done. Now as Luke says they are freshmaaaaaaaaaan!

Since our leaving Louisiana we have had rain rain! Over 3 inches during our stay in KY. At least 4 inches in our stay in Illinois and we must have pulled the storms with us as we left Illinois on May 6th and headed to Iowa, because it started to rain again! It has rained almost everyday since Iowa, including severe thunderstorms and tornado watches?

Our first stop was Osceola, Iowa at Lakeside Casino. Rain all the way here, then it stopped long enough for us to get set up. However it was not a “big rig” friendly park. Turns were sharp, especially with the very muddy grass areas along the road and rigs on the corner, not to mention the big white barrel. Did I just mention the big white barrel?? Yep I not only mentioned it I apparently hit it too. I thought I had cleared it but evidence on my passenger side bins say no. Not only did I scratch the bins, also dented it a little! Will have to wait until we get to Tucson to repair.  Severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings, interesting clouds, including mammatus clouds.

As if the scrape wasn’t enough, I discovered our refrigerator was not working! No electric to the panel. Checked all the fuses and breakers, everything okay there. I checked outside in the compartment for the frig and found a small box with a red light. This box was part of the recall on the refrig and was connected to a sensor that detects high temps and shuts the refrigerator down. So I figured that was the problem No reset switch, so I removed the wire to the probe and put back on ..nothing, removed power line, ground and power out line and put all back on. No difference red light still glowing. So I thought since I have a power in and a power out wire, the unit must have gone bad. So in my infinite wisdom and logic, I figured that I could bypass the box. So I unplugged the power wire and another wire, believing it was the exit wire and put the two together. oops, I had grabbed the ground wire and blew a fuse! So much for that. I couldn’t find the fuse. So we were with out a refrigerator. As our next stop was a park with an rv dealer, I called them and made an appointment.

Before even getting checked in, we went directly to the dealer service area. We had to wait for about an hour (lunch). A tech came to the rig, looked at the box” and said yep it is dead. Found the fuse and replaced. He got a new box and installed it and we started the fridge up. Yea it works. He did however notice  an ammonia stain and suggested it may be leaking. We went to set up and settle in for the day.

Got checked in, drove to our site and setup, still rainy and the ground was very wet with puddles everywhere. Same storm warnings. as we had started the fridge up on propane, I wanted to switch to electric. So I did and the panel lights went out again. Same problem with the box, although this one was reset-able wit a magnet. So I got the tech and we reset it. But each time it would break the circuit. It was then that the tech smelled the ammonia! It brought tears to his eyes. So we shut it down and pondered our next move.

Since this dealer was a small one I decided to find a service repair facility in Wichita. I found one and called and they said they would check with the extended warranty folks and call back. well no call that night or in the morning. The smell inside was too much for Loretta so we spent the nite in a motel. About 10 am I called the dealer to see what was going on. Got service manager and we went through the info again. He checked and he had a rebuilt cooling system and pending insurance approval could get me in…June 11! That was not acceptable. I then called another dealer, same story and same date. This dealer gave me a couple of names, one a mobile guy and the other another dealer. I called the dealer. Very friendly and helpful, took all the info and said he will call insurance and get back to me.

I have heard that before…call ya back! But he did and told me that the insurance would only replace the cooling system. We were hoping for a new fridge! We asked if we could pay the difference and get a new fridge. No problem! Great. Insurance allows only 1350, our cost 2800! Bummer. Loretta felt she wanted a new fridge rather than a rebuilt cooling system and I agreed. So the fridge will be installed Wednesday morning. In the meantime we are still airing out the coach and was able to close the windows and turn the air on! Hot and humid for the next few days!

Today we met up with Leroy and Anne Willis,friends we met in Tucson. Originally we would not have been traveling through Wichita, but I guess the Lord had other plans so that we could met with them for lunch. Sunday we will go to church with them.

Well that about raps up our adventure so far. Happy Trails to all and keep in touch!


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