Our last Colorado adventures

We finally got to go to Durango on October 5th. Took a leisurly ride over Wolf Creek pass and got into Durango about 5pm. We ate and then treated ourselves to a movie at the theater.
We had tickets for the train ride to Silverton. On our way to Durango we received a call that the bus ride back may not be running due to the forecast for snow. So we opted to take the train both ways. We were in one of the coaches for our trip.
The train left on time and after about an hour we stopped, so that rocks could be removed from the tracks. This made us late getting into Silverton. At about 8000′ it began to snow, small flakes at first and then larger and larger. When we arrived at Silverton, there was 3-4″ of snow! The power was also out! We got off and headed to a restaurant, for some hot food and drink. But alas, due to the power being out the menu was limited, to what they could cook on the grill. Hot sandwiches and soup with tea or coffee. This is the view as we left Silverton for our ride back.

On the way back we were delayed twice to repair the tracks and had to stop once to get a new train crew as they are only allowed to work 12 hours at a time! We finally arrived back at 7:45pm. We were planning on going to Pagosa Springs for the nite, but due to the late hour we stayed in Durango.

We left the next morning to head back to Lake City. Stopped in Pagosa Springs to get a haicut. Great barber, who did a good job. Wolf Creek pass had 10-12′ of snow, but the roads were clear.

Our last day in Lake City was the 11th. We headed to South Fork, Colorado, to spend a few days there and to do some riding. The weather was perfect and we stayed at RiverBend RV. The movie  National Lampoon Summer Vacation shot some scenes here. Nice campground. We stayed about 10 days, before the weather turned on us and the nights started to get cold. I had to wear pants for 3 days in arow!!! Time to move on. We did some mountain riding and ran into snow above 10,000′! Some had melted and made the trails very muddy. This wasn’t good for us, as our wheels stick out and it flung mud everywhere. I made a mudflap from a rug and put it on Loretta’s’ side, which helped some. She also bought a shower curtain to help keep the mud off her.

We left for Santa Fe on or about the 27th. I decided to try pulling the car with the trailer attached, all behind the motorhome. I had seen several units like mine pulling double, so thought I would try. It worked out very well. I am about 69 feet long! We call it our train!

We stayed at the Trailer Ranch RV Park, on the south side of Santa Fe. We were able to take the bus, which stopped outside of the park, downtown to do some tourist activity! We all went downtown (Ron and Loretta). We visited the Loretto Chapel and other historic places as well as doing some window shopping!  Loretta and Loretta went back the next day and got a picture of themselves with the Loretto sign. Loretta,Loretto,Loretta! I joked we  could go back at night and change the O to an A!

A “it’s a mall world” thing happened at the Rv Park. Bill Schneider from Gil GAl RV park in Sequim, Washington, came walking over to the motorhome. Bill and Susan hosted at Gil Gal and remembered our car license plate (6) and thought it was us! It is a small world! You just never know who you may run into.

We left Santa Fe and treked down to Bosque Bird Watchers RV Park, south of Socorro, NM, to spend 2 nights so we could do some more trail riding. A no frills rv park for sure. We rode some desert trails the next day, rested and the moved on to Deming the next day.

2 nights in 81 Palms Senior RV Park, with a visit to Rockhound State Park to look for minerals and gems. I found laying on a rock wall a small Ameythist crystal! Picked up other rocks that would look good in our rock garden in Desert Trails. Our next stop….. Desert Trails!

We are now in Desert trails, so check out the web cams and the D&L weather Station (also this complete weather page) Happy Trails and keep in touch!!!

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