Summers almost over or what did we do this summer!

What have we been doing you ask. Quite a lot. We began working at L.L. Stub Stewart Sp, west of Portland on May 1, 2016. We 
again worked the visitor center for the next 2 months. Our off times were spent relaxing and taking the Spyder for a ride, up and down the coast.

The campgrounds at the park were repaved this year and I documented the project with my drone. Dairy Creek East and West That was a fun project. I also hiked almost 160 miles, all in the park! 

Our next assignment for July was the Historic Hughes House in Cape Blanco Sp, near Port Orford, Oregon. We also worked 2 days a week at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, as greeters. I even got to be a fireman! One day a billow of smoke came from next to a building (it was foggy and hard to determine if it was smoke or fog!) A propane run generator caught fire! I remembered seeing a fire extinguisher in the gift shop. So I grabbed it and put out the fire! Glad it went out as it was a very small extinguisher! Fire Dept. did come out and finished the job. This generator helped keep the backup batteries fully charged. These batteries were the backup for the lighthouse, should the electric go out. We closed for the rest of the day and reopened the next day! It was and always is windy at the lighthouse, 10-25mph with gusts to 40 and higher. Lots of dry grass around and a wooden fence was real close to the fire, so glad we were able to get it out quickly.

August 3rd was our 25th wedding anniversary, so we celebrated by going on a cruise to Alaska! Our first cruise ever! We chose Norweign Cruise lines for an 11 day land and sea cruise. It was great. We had no complaints at all. Room was a balcony room on the port side, midship. Food was TOO good. Be prepared to gain some weight! (me 7.0 lbs) We did 3 excursions at 3 ports of call. Ketchikan we did a Lighthouse,Totems and Eagles excursion. It was okay but would not recommend. Next was Skagway and a train ride to and over White Pass, the trail the gold miners had to take to get to the gold fields. Juneau was our next land excursion. We chose the Whales and rain forest excursion. This was a great excursion. We saw lots of Humpback whales and was able to observe them  Bubble net feeding
, here they encircle the herring with bubbles, forcing them into a group and then when ready they all surface with their mouths open! Exciting to see. We observed this 3 times, plus tail slapping to and one breech. Our boat had sound sonar so we could tell when they would be starting to surface as one of them would “sing”!

Glaciers! We visited 3 glaciers, Margerie, Lamplugh and Hubbard. We were unable to get close to Hubbard because the ice flows were too thick. It was also so foggy we were unable to actually see the glacier. We were able to see the other 2, in fact while taking a selfie, Margerie calved! we heard a loud CRAAACK and down it came. We turned around and saw it splash into the ocean. I think in my selfie it is behind my hat! Yes I was in shorts for this picture!


Our next stop Seward. This is where our cruise ended and our land tour begins. We take a bus to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center. We were able to see bears, Elk, Caribou, Lynx and other native animals.

Our next stop is our hotel in Anchorage. We stay 1 night and then we are bused to Denali National Park, where we will stay 1 night and a day exploring the wonders of Denali!

The only bear we saw was a black bear along side the road! We did see a large caribou and a very large Moose! Both at some distance. So pictures did not turn out well!

Our last morning in Denali, we took a tour to Husky Homestead, owned by Jeff King a 4 time Iditarod race winner. Here we learned about the race and the training of the dogs for the race. They raise their on dogs. We even got to hold a puppy!

After the Husky excursion, we boarded the Alaskan Train bound for Talkneeta, where we would transfer to a bus for our trip back to Anchorage.


A great trip, but glad to be back in our motorhome!



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