The BumbleBEast

What is a BumbleBEast you say? A BumbleBeast is the name of our new sidexside UTV! Our previous UTV was called the Bluebeast. Why Bumblebeast you ask? Because it is yellow and black and our friends also have a yellow and black atv they call the Bumblebee, so we call ours the Bumblebeast! so our new adventures begin withe the new BUMBLEBEast! Our first job was to get 10 hours or 150 miles on the unit so we can take it in for it’s break in service. So began our series of daily trips! It took us 4 days of riding to get to the 10 hours! Hurrah! So On Aug 16th we trailer to Montrose, Colorado, a trip of 2 hours one way! After the checkup we will be good to go, for longer trail rides! One of the rides we plan on doing is the Alpine loop. This ride goes over 2 passes and is 48 miles in length. Here is a map of our last trip.


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Bears! We have a resident bear that is visiting us nightly! Our first encounter was after a fish fry, here at the site. We put the used oil in a cooler. Mistake! He came by and opened the cooler and dragged the bottle off in to the woods. The next night he came by and got into a storage building where garbage bags from the lodge is stored. Garbage everywhere! The next night he came by and tipped over our garbage dumpster! He didn’t get into that, as it was locked up. He also has been raiding the bin that holds trout food, up above us at the pond. I have my cameras with infra red and motion detection and have gotten some video of him coming through the camp. Here is a video.Bear He hasn’t been around the last 2 nights! Where or where did he go?? Oh well!

Let us know how you all are doing! Happy trails.


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