The end of another year!

Where does the time go? The older we get the faster time marches on and on. It seems like only yesterday that we started full time rving, when it has actually been 9 years!

ATVThis year was a good year, spent with family and friends, and experiencing new adventures. In December of last year we purchased a Yamaha Rhino side x side atv. So began our ATVing adventures. One of our first rides, resulted in being towed back to the trailer.(Dead battery) Another ride (in Colorado) resulted in the fuel pump going bad and being towed back. Then there we the muffler problems! But we did have fun!!!!
After visiting family in California and Oregon, we visited with Shar and Mike Reynolds in Island Park,Idaho, on our way to Cody, Wyoming to visit with Bill and Elaine Tabacinski, who were campground host at Absaroka Bay rv park.
Then it was on to Howard Colorado to meet up with Ron and Loretta Shuman at Banderas Bunkhouse. We spent 2 months there and had a great time, atving and hanging out with friends, Dick and Sandie Buckmaster, Ben Leedle, John and Leora Meadows. My children Heath and Heather and families also came and stayed at BB for a week. We had a great time, fishing, atving, horseback riding and just visiting with each other.

Our next adventure was in Lake City, Colorado. We stayed on private property,of Dan and Anita Plies, with Victor and Charlotte Westmoreland, And Ron and Loretta Shuman. We also met David and Candy Bebee, David and Geneva Grove and Gary and Jane, As well as Jerry Springer (no not that one!) Just a few of the folk we met while in Lake City. The property had a lodge, that was rented out, a hydoelectric dam and generator and 4 rv sites. We had a great time. I made a fire every nite, well most nights and we would sit around and spin tall tales.( Victor mostly)

We made several atv trips into the mountains, including our famous ride in a rain storm, where we all came back soaking wet. (Most of us, some turned back before the rain!) As the weather got colder, the aspens began to turn and our atv trips into the mountains resulted in seeing large expanses of gold color in the trees.tree What a beautiful sight! We also got to see a Moose, beaver and deer. No elk this time. Deer were in our camp site every morning. We ventured to Durango, Colorado for the train ride to Silverton. That also was an experience! Had to wait to clear the tracks of rocks, it began snowing at 8000 feet, 4-6″ of snow in Silverton and the power was out! On the way back we were delayed while the tracks were fixed and while they switched crews! Got back about 8pm, too late to drive back so we stayed another night in Durango.

Soon the “cold” weather prompted Ron, Loretta, Loretta and I to begin our journey to Arizona. First stop, South Fork, Colorado, for some more atv riding. The campground we picked was used to film some of the scenes from Chevy Chase the Vacation. It was a nice area and we were able to atv in several directions, with out trailering to far. Most of our rides took us to 10,000 feet or higher and towards the end of our stay we began to get into snow up to 4″ deep! We also ran into mud! My front tires stick out, so they fling mud up on us! Loretta used a shower curtain to protect herself and I mad a mud flap from an old rug, that helped. Boy what a mess. Once that mud dried, it was very hard to get off! Soon the temperatures were falling below 30 at night and the campground was turning off the water. So it was time to head south once again.

Up until now We had pulled the trailer with the motorhome. We have seen motorhomes pulling double, so we decided to try it. So from South Fork to Santa Fe, we pulled double. 69 feet long. We called it our long brown train! No problems and towed very well. Do need to adjust the rear camera so I can see the trailer. We stayed in Santa Fe a few nights and visited the downtown and the Loretto Chapel and other sights. While at the rv park, Bill Schneider came up to say hi! We met Bill and Susan in Sequim Washington. The were camphosting at GilGal RV park, where we stayed. Small world!

On the road again, this time to Socorro, New Mexico for some trail riding. Then on to Deming, New Mexico before heading into Tucson. Deming was a nice stop and we went rock hounding in Rockhound State Park. Didn’ find anything valuable, but did have a good time.

We arrived at Desert Trails on October 29th and got settled into our rv site. Ron and Loretta had to wait as there site was occupied. We took the train home for Thanksgiving to see family and had a good time and train ride. we have settled in for the winter. Took our first atv ride last week. The weather has been cool and rainy. However the weather has now turned to normal. 70’s during the day and 40’s at night. Just the way I like it! We had a quiet Christmas and enjoyed the day with friends at a truck stop, for dinner and good conversation. Thanks Ron and Rhonda!

That is our year in a nutshell! Hope all are well and will have a safe New Year!

Happy Trails!!!!!

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