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This is going to be an audience participation page. If you have an amusing story, an rv incident, an rv tip, etc that you would like to share, please email me with your information and I will post it here. When I post it only first names will be used to protect the innocent!

 Memories. Although not directly related to RVing , it goes hand in hand with traveling. Ever have a sight, sound or smell trigger a memory from your past? We went back to Illinois, in fact we are here now. It has been a couple of years since we have been here. 

Driving around, I am seeing things that trigger memory’s for me. Driving the back roads to my daughters house, brought back a lot of memories . I drove by the house we grew up in (we sold it last fall) and a ton of thoughts flashed through my mind. The nursery across the street used to be a farm field when we first moved in, then later I helped plant a lot of the trees. The old “Boy Scout” road across from the house, led folks to the Boy Scout camp. I had worked there in my teen years and before that had set up a hot dog and lemonade stand along it with my friend. (Didn’t sell a one!) The house, now gone, of a lady we used to call grandma White, at the end of our street, and how she used to make lye soap and I used to cut her lawn. Across the street from her was our first home, it too is gone, but the garage my dad built is still there. The creek that was called Waupcan flowed across the street. This was our swimming hole, our escape to fish and wade and shoot our bb guns. Lot’s of memories there. The bridge across the creek is new, but it still evoked memories of the truss bridge that preceded the new one. Racing across the top was a favorite pastime, smoking under the bridge another!

As I follow the road further we come to a curve in the road, almost a 90 but not quite. This was the spot a friend of mine and I tipped his 51 Chevy on it’s side! At the same spot was a road that lead to some of the other neighborhood kids. Long gone now and part of the gravel pit. Much of the area there was popcorn fields, they too are gone.

The road esses and we come to a lane that winds up to the top of the ridge. This lane I remember as being magical, all tree lined and a little bit scary. Along the side ran a small ditch that was always running water. I remember this lane because I went up it in an effort to sell magazine subscriptions. I did not make a sale, but I did make enough sales to earn points enough to by a small metal safe!

The road I am following is the same route our high school bus followed. So and so lived over there and there is where Glenn lived, and Sharon and Jackie and all the other kids on the bus. Those were magical times I must say! 

Drove by our grade school, now a house. Boy what memories there. The ball field, (now a grassy field) the swings, slide and of course the building itself. PTA meetings, summer picnics, VBS, and recess. A 3 room school house. 2 upstairs, 1 down. Mrs Wills, Mrs. Spears, Malek and Mrs. Melby. All fine teachers and my favorite was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Wills. A friend  and I used to fight over who was going to sit on her lap!

Yes sights, sounds and smells all bring back memories for me, not only here in my hometown, but where ever I travel. I will see something that will remind me of a memory back home. It may be a tree, a building or even a downtown area, but what ever it is it reminds me of days gone by.

Do you have things that trigger memories? How about sharing them with me? Just write them up and email them to

Remove hookups. I have (or had) an internet satellite system on the coach, and occasionally I have to move the coach to get reception. we pulled into our camping area (camping just doesn’t seem like the right word!) in Lake City, Co. Our normal spot was taken, so I took the last one available and thought I had an open view to the satellites that I needed, but alas I did not. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to back the motorhome up to try and get a better view. I had been hooked up to all the amenities, water, sewer and electric. Checked I was okay to back up and I was, nothing in the way. Backup, backup, look still okay, check satellite meter, still no good, back up back up…what was that noise???? Rush out to look and I had run over my electrical cord and in doing so pulled the surge protector right off the wall! However the person that was in my normal spot and who was leaving soon, was a handyman extraordinaire and soon had me up and running again! Once I got into my regular spot, the satellite system still did not work! After 10 years the lnb had stopped working. So the moral of the story is….. remove all connections before moving forward or backward! 

Always Check your awnings! Visited Baton Rouge, La to visit friends and it was time to leave and head west. Packed everything up, did a walk around, yep all looks good. Headed out to Interstate 10, entered the freeway and began to build up speed. As we continue on we pass a vehicle that is like a roadside assistance , soon Loretta sees him on our right side pointing up and gesturing frantically, Hmmm what is pointing at??? Loretta looks out the door window and looks up and lo and behold (not her exact words) our awning over the door was out!!! This awning also was electric, so we used the remote to bring it in and lock it down. All without slowing down or stopping!

Look before entering! Our first year out was interesting. We visited Alpine ,Texas and stayed just north of the town, memory does not serve me well on the name of the Rv Park, hmmmm lets see . Nope can’t recall the name. Oh well, on with the story. We stayed at this park to be close to Mc Donald Observatory and still be able to get back in a reasonable time as we left Brody. We were parked among several diesel pushers and it was very dark outside. Brody and I walked around, flashlight in hand trying to find just the right spot. Hurrah Brody found the spot! So we headed back to the motor home., we reached the step I opened the door and proceeded up the steps into the motor home, when I noticed a lamp on the dash! Wait! We don’t have a lamp on our dash! Quick retreat, before we get shot! (After all we were in Texas) It is a wonder that were were not confronted, but nothing was said. So look at the motorhome you are entering on a dark night and make sure it is yours!

Okay, you get the idea, so start sending me your story, tips, and tricks to RVing!


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