Time Flies or where did the winter go? Part II

Loretta and I decided it was time to get our health back to normal. We both were overweight and I had type II diabetes and Loretta was now pre diabetic. So we asked our Dr. for a referral to a diabetic dietitian. He referred us to Diet Of Hope clinic.

We both started the program together and we have both “graduated from Phase I.grad  Phase I is a restricted diet for 6 weeks to rid us of our carb addiction. Basically all vegetables and protein (meat, fish and poultry. No sugar as well, and limited fruit (berries)

At first it was a little difficult, but as time went by, we got used to it and would even remark at a recipe, “boy that looks good”! 

What did I miss most? Hmm… potatoes (substitute mashed cauliflower), apples ( substitute Jicama) and popcorn. Now that I am in phase II, and can have popcorn, it does not taste as good as before!

As you can see on the certificate, I lost 9.5 % of my body weight and dropped my BMI to 25.9 and lost 4″  from my waist! But the really remarkable effect was on my Fasting Blood sugar readings! I went from having morning readings in the 170-180’s to 100-120 consistantly. My A1C1 dropped from 7.8 to 6.0! I have reduced my Metform pill to 1 500mg per day from 1 1000mg twice a day! I have also reduced my Blood Pressure meds from 1 20mg per day to 5mg per pay!

To date I have lost 18.9 # and feel great! I am now on a maintenance phase and will continue with the diet, in hopes of reducing my Blood sugar readings even more! 

Loretta has also lost 20+ pounds and has reduced her meds as well. 

I encourage everyone who has a need to lose weight and lower their numbers to find a weight loss program for you. I can not share the diet information from Dr Gann but I can give you his web site and you can purchase his books on line.

Happy Trails


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