Time to Leave Arizona

ortotucsonOur plans for this summer are to work in Oregon State Parks. First at L.L. Stub Stewart S. P for May and June, working in the visitor center. Our next job will be at  Otter Crest Scenic View point. We will be staying at Beverly Beach S.P. Then we take August off and head to Washington, to look at some Parks there to possibly work in next year.  

Our stay in Washington will be for 2 weeks, then we will head south back to Medford to attend our grandson Damen and Haley’s wedding. Then we are off to Ainsworth S.P.  to work in September. 

October will find us in Idaho, specifically, Boise. we have met so many friends from Idaho, while here in Tucson. We plan on staying for a couple weeks, visiting and of course hiking with Ben, Judy, Diann and anybody else that wants to go. From there we begin our journey back to Rincon Country West, for our winter layover.

We are looking forward to our trip and the mc rides we will do in new territory! Keep us in your prayers !

So now that you know where we are going and what we will be doing, I am sure you are asking “what did you do this winter” then again maybe not! I am going to recap our winter anyway!

spyderThe biggest thing we did was trade the Can Am Commander for a Can Am Spyder.  We put over 2400 miles on it! We even went to Kitt Peak on one of our rides

Most of our time was spent just doing what ever we wanted to. I hiked over 144 miles this winter and am looking forward to hiking in Oregon as well. Loretta kept busy with church and genealogy. I too did genealogy and found out some interesting information. Just can not verify it right now. I will continue to work on the mystery of the Carr/Kerr families.

Although we did not do much in the way of touristy things we did visit some local attractions, go to doctors, the movie theater and just goofed off!

How was your winter? Would love to hear about your adventures as well. So until we get to our first State Park in Oregon and new adventures, Happy Trails!


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