Time to leave

It is that time. Time to leave. Snow is gone in the Midwest (been replaced with rain and thunderstorms) and it is heating up here in Tucson. In the 90’s already!

We had planned on leaving today (May 1) however there is a wind advisory out, with gusts to 50 mph! So we are waiting until tomorrow, when the wind is at a more reasonable level.

When we head out we will be heading to Lake City, Colorado, to drop the atv off at rv site. No use dragging it along to Illinois. After Colorado we will be heading to Illinois and the midwest. After graduations (1) and a new grandson being born, we will head to Wisconsin for 6 weeks. A month in door county. Looking forward to that stay. will continue my hiking there.

Our water heater sprung a leak and we had to have it replaced. We decided to replace it with a tankless water heater. It is an Atwood 50,000 btu model. It is propane only and is an on demand system. When we want hot water, water flows through coils and the propane fires up heating the water as it passes through the coils. Takes about the same time to get the water to the faucet as the old one and we never run out of hot water! We like it so far. No more “whoosh” in the middle of the night with the old water heater heating up. Should save some propane too.

Our trip the the CHIRICAHUA MOUNTAINS was a success. we hiked the trail to Cochise Stronghold the first day, through the mountains on the second day and on the way home visited Ft. Bowieftb

For more than 30 years Fort Bowie and Apache Pass were the focal point of military operations eventually culminating in the surrender of Geronimo in 1886 and the banishment of the Chiricahuas to Florida and Alabama. It was the site of the Bascom Affair, a wagon train massacre, and the battle of Apache Pass, where a large force of Chiricahua Apaches under Mangus Colorados and Cochise fought the California Volunteers.

Loretta and I have been doing some genealogy. We both have sent our DNA to Ancestry. Com and as a result we have both found some 1st,2nd,3rd and distant cousins that we never new we had, along with a surprise or 2! This has been especially successful for Loretta, bringing her in contact with a  cousin here in Tucson and in touch with someone with links to Italy. I am still stuck on the Carrs side in Pa 1790.

I have continued to hike, even after our hiking group left for the summer. Several of my hikes have been over 6 miles in length. I did buy some new inner soles called super feet. They have made a difference in my feet and hips. Still get sore but not as bad! I am going to put a widget on this site for Everytrail. This is a web site I upload my hikes to right from my phone. It will take you to my hikes.

Speaking of phones! I ditched my Iphone 4s for a HTC one (M8) Much bigger, easier to hold and I can get most all of the apps I had on the Iphone. Oh! the battery lasts a lot longer, even during the tracking of my hikes using the gps. 

Well time to do some other chores, while we take a day of “rest” from packing up. How has your winter gone and what are your plans for the summer?

Keep in touch! Happy Trails

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