Up Cinnamon Pass

Loretta made it up Engineer pass okay so she decided that it was time to tackle Cinnamon pass, another 12640 ft. pass on the other side of the mountain. We left Lake City and drove to the staging area west of Lake  San Cristobal. The picture to the left is a view as we started up the long grade to the top. One of the side trips we made along the way was to American Basin. Known for its spectacular July wildflower display and scenic beauty, this sculpted glacial basin is one of the most photographed areas in the San Juan Mountain Range.  Unfortunately a hail storm destroyed all the wildflowers, so we did not venture up during their peak blooming time. Oh well another trip/adventure for next year! Onward and upward we go! To the top of the pass is another 2-3 miles of switchbacks to get us to 12,640 feet. A lot of motorcycle and jeep traffic this day! It got crowded at the top! But boy the view. Fall is rapidly coming to this part of Colorado. Not only are the trees turning but so are the grasses and the bushes as is seen in the photo . The mountains are, UnCompagne, Wetterhorn and Matterhorn. Just a few that we see as we approach the top! As you can see the day was partly cloudy and it was windy and cool at the top. Both Loretta’s donned their Sherpa hats for a picture at the top! This donning of the Sherpa hats will be a trademark for the 2 Loretta’s!

We made it back to Crooke’s Falls later that day, tired and exhausted from out 36.5 mile excursion to the top of Cinnamon Pass. Our next uphill trip will be to Nellie Creek.

Sunday we decided to take a short ride to Capitol City after church to eat lunch and see the colors. Thanks to Facebook we found out that Bob and Mamie Consolver were staying nearby and we invited them to join us! Bob plays Santa Claus at Christmas time! We had a great time visiting at Capitol City and at Crooke’s falls around the fire!

This is what happens when you do not pay attention and drive too fast on the mountain roads! This isn’t even a narrow trail or difficult! Looks like they were too far right and just drove off the edge!

The driver had to be air lifted to Gunneson. He was not wearing his seat belt! later that day we heard of another vehicle rolling near Animas Forks. Need to pay attention!!! With all the beauty around it is hard to stay focused on the road.

Our time here in Lake City is drawing to a close. We will be leaving here on the 22nd and heading to Salida, for a week. We will do some riding there, with Dave and Theresa White, get the vehicles serviced before we head to Nebraska. Yes I said Nebraska! Ron and Loretta need to get plates renewed and visit relatives. While there we will leave the rig and Brody and travel to Illinois to visit kids and friends, before we head to Tucson for the winter.

So from BumbleBeast and BumbleBee Happy Trails, keep in touch See ya on the trail!





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