We are back!

Wow! since arriving back in Tucson in October, we have been so busy doing other things we have not updated our blog!

Last September, after returning to Stub Stewart SP, we had to make a decision about Brody.

His health and quality of life had been deteriorating all summer. On September 24th we made the decision to let Brody cross the rainbow bridge. He was no longer enjoying life and was confused, blind and deaf. His balance was rapidly becoming a problem and he was no longer waiting to go outside.

Brody during his last month of life, gave lots of joy to a family of kids we met at Honeyman SP. Each day as I walked him and they saw him, they would shout “Brody” Cassie

enjoyed petting and talking to Brody and he always brought a smile to her face.

Brody will live forever in our hearts! 

After leaving Oregon, we began our journey back to Tucson. One of the things we wanted to do was go into Yosemite from the East entrance. Each spring we would travel to Oregon and the road in would still be closed because of snow.

We stayed at a small park about 20 miles north of the road to the park and we drove in early in the am. Keep in mind this was the first week in October. The park was crowded even then! On the way out we even got snow! That night the temps dropped to 26 at the camp ground.

We decided to take a new route for us across to Tonapah, Nevada. California 120. This road was a 2 lane highway that had a lot of ups and downs! Good thing we weren’t going fast or we might of gotten airborne. Here is a link to the video.

The rest of our trip back to Tucson was uneventful and we were glad to be back to our winter home. The park filled up faster this year as compared to years past. This would be our first year in our new spot.

We moved over 1 spot this year. It gave us more room for the motorcycle and truck, plus we did not have anyone on out right. It has been a great site, except for the rude people who have no respect for your privacy or the common courtesy of not walking through occupied sites! 

It is common sense that if a site is occupied, you do not walk through it! I have videoed folks walking through and paying no attention to any signs or blocking off access. Very frustrating! I have been called smarta** twice because I informed them of the park rule! I am sure if I walked through their backyard at their residence, they would probably call the police and have me arrested. However they seem to thing it is alright in a campground!

Hiking has taken up a lot of my time, figuring out where to go, who is going to lead and who is going to drive. In addition to the hiking club, I have joined a challenge to hike or walk 2019 miles! To date I have completed 232 miles! I need to do 5.5 miles a day to stay on schedule. Oh! On New Years day a small group hiked into the mountains! Not unusual you say! But wait! It had snowed that night and we got to hike in it. Take a look.

We have said that when we do not want to drive the motorhome back and forth from Tucson to Oregon, we would leave the motorhome in Oregon for the winter buy a 5th wheel and leaving it on our site in Tucson and then drive the truck back and forth. Well We have started looking for a 5th wheel to buy. We are also considering selling the motorcycle as well and the ramping system and possibly getting a 1/2 ton slide in camper. We will keep you posted!

Time flies when you are having fun! Hope all is well with everyone!

Happy Trails


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