We have arrived

It has been awhile since we have parked in our daughters yard! Brody seemed to know where we were. Ah green grass, trees with real leaves, farm fields being worked. It is good to be able to see the horizon, however, we do not like the humidity! Our joints are aching and a general soreness is upon us. Of course the rain does not help. We have been rained upon since we left Louisiana. 3.5 inches while in Aurora, KY and probably another 1/2 inch while in Champaign.

Loretta dropped the heavy metal step on her foot, the night before we left Champaign. she has had a lot of pain, but we only think it is badly bruised. We stopped in Bloomington to have the motor home serviced. Oil change, lube, and chassis inspection. As always it took about 4 hours! No major problems found. Ride height in front was off and was adjusted and 2 clearance lights needed to be replaced. $500 dollars later we are on our way.

We will be in Morris area until the day after Memorial day. we will then head to Colorado, with a stop at the Blue Ox factory for maintenance on the tow bar. Things are not going well for Charlotte and Victor, our friends from Tucson and neighbors in Lake City. Their motor home will not be repaired immediately, as they wait for a part, that will take 45 days to get! They left for Lake City to stay at the lodge, only to discovery when they arrived that there is something wrong with the water supply! Loretta and Ron are in Howard, Colorado, visiting and waiting for better weather in Lake City. They now will delay their arrival until the water problem is fixed!

 For those interested, the weather station will be activated today for our location.  

As always, keep in touch.

Happy Trails

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