Winter comes to a close

The winter season here at Desert Trails is rapidly coming to a close. Folks are leaving like rats on a sinking ship! Each day the park looses one or more winter Arizonians.

It has been a good winter season. Geocaching was great! Thanks Reeve and and Susan for gathering and printing all the geocaches. Thanks to Bill and Elaine for their great insruction at the Shooting range and thanks to all the atvers for following me on our fun filled trips.

We too will soon be leaving, April 26th. We will meet Ron and Loretta on the road to begin our 2012 ATV adventure to Utah, Colorado and Nebraska, before returning to DT. Looking forward to atving in Utah! Lots of neat trails and things to see. We will spend 2 months there and 3 months in Colorado. Higher elevations means cooler weather!! Take a look at the “Our routes” page to see a graphic of our route.

Yes our itinerary does say Australia! November 9th we will leave for Australia, to observe a total solar eclipse and to celebrate my younger brothers 50th birthday! He will be going with us, as this will be his last continent to visit.

Keep in touch and look for more updates as we begin our travel adventures! Happy Trails

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