Working at Cape Foulweather

We arrived at our Host Campground July 1, 2015. Beverly Beach State Park. This is an older park and is heavily treed, with narrow roads. Quite a challenge for our 40′ Discovery! Our site was H4, a back in site. BBCampDid a good job of backing in if I say so myself! A ranger came around later and told me that only 2 vehicles are permitted at each site. I said I only have 2! Nope he said your motorhome is counted as one!  I told him I was not going to park either of my other vehicles any place away from my site. We worked it out (they just ignored the fact I had 3) Oh well! Other than that and the fact that the park is full almost everyday, makes leaving the park interesting! Kids every where including in the middle of the road!  Camp fires are also a given and with the tree canopy the smoke just hangs in the air.

Our hosting job was about 3 miles to the North at Cape Foulweather/Otter Crest Scenic ViewpointWe really love working at the Gift shop, especially since we get to see Gray whales almost everyday! We work with 2 great employees, Erin and Peter. Both temps but very knowledgeable. I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel Discoverydavecarr. While you are there why not subscribe and be notified when I post future videos. 

CapefThis is our view to the South, towards Beverly Beach State Park. and capef2the view to the North. We have to struggle to get to work each day! Just kidding! Each day our first question is… See any whales! We saw over 112 whales in the month of July. Some close and many far away. At Devils Punch Bowl I flew my drone and captured whales spouting. Watch for the spouts at :23, :39 and 1:11. Left side between the left rock and the foam in the center.

Our work consisted of working the cash register, answering questions and keeping track of the whales! The latter was my job! I also worked the register too. Most days went by fast! We worked the afternoon shift  1 pm-5 pm. The weather was great in July. Only one day did we have fog that stayed in until late afternoon The rest of the month was clear and sunny! The wind also blew here, the highest recorded while we were there was 42 mph! Hang on to your hats.

We finished our ‘tour of duty” July 31st. It was a great job and will miss seeing Peter and Erin each day. They were great to work with. Thanks Erin and Pete for a great time.

Saturday am saw us packing up to leave. We had loaded the Spyder the night before and did it without bending anything! All went well, except for a small glitch when I couldn’t get the wheel hub to release! I just needed to let the cable out a little and it pop right open! Loretta did a great job in directing me into the hub Thanks dear!

We left about 10 am and headed to Westport, Washington. Our only delay was in Tillamook,Oregon. Traffic came to a stop and we could see a long line up ahead. So we decided that there must have been an accident. We soon heard sirens and as we were at a stop light, decided to turn and wait it out in a parking lot. Good thing we did as several emergency vehicles and a wrecker came through. The area we were in went down to one lane, but stupid people insisted on staying in the  left lane as long as possible, this caused a back up and now where for the emergency equipment to go, except into oncoming traffic! We finally got going again about an hour later. Glad we waited in the parking lot! We arrived in Westport around 4:30 pm  We will stay here a week and explore the sw side of Washington. 

Hopeing all are enjoying the summer! We are! Next destination Auburn, Washington to meet up with Jack and Robyn Bennett, friends we made in Tucson.







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