Working in L.L.Stub Stewart S.P.

vcoregonThis is our work location, Sunday through Wednesday. Hours 11am to 4pm. we man the Visitor Center (Discovery Depot), selling permits and items in the VC, as well as answering questions, and handing out brochures.

Last Wednesday as 2 couples are scheduled on those days, Loretta and I loaded up a Kubota (like a J.D. gator) and went out on the Banks-Vernonia trail to install signs.

That was fun! We first had to figure out how the parts for the sign went on the wings of the bridges, with the parts we were given, with no explanation! SignWe figured out a method and installed our first sign. Not bad, considering we had a dull drill bit and the bolts were not long enough (or so we thought, more on that later.) and it was raining! sure glad we had the Kubota with a cab!

After finishing that sign and not having the correct bolts, we decided to drive to Vernonia to inspect the other bridges to see what else we may need to do the job. Still raining, maybe a little harder. Oh! did I mention that at road intersections there were bollards to unlock and pull? Yep there was a lot of them!

We got back before quitting time and put things away and made or list of things needed to complete the job. 

Thursday we had a safety meeting and after the meeting talked with Blair, who designed the system to put up the signs using the materials I had. Seems like the signs were supposed to go about midway along the bridge wing! However we did not take the time to figure that out! I must say our placement looks better and would not stick out as much as the other location. Blair is going to take a look and let me know on how he wants it done!

Still looking forward on Wednesdays to “hitting” the trail for sign placement and other trail duties!

llstHere is a photo of our rv spot! It is located down by the Manager’s house and not in the regular campground. This makes it very quiet. We observe lots of birds and deer. Although elk and cougar, and bobcats have been sighted in the park, we have not seen them here. I do have 2 cameras operating at night, but have not captured any photos yet!

One thing bad about our location. A big tree! The satellite dish could not find the needed satellites! Oregon has a thing about cutting trees down at your rv site! Go figure. Just kidding! So I ordered a inexpensive dish from Wineguard called a carryout, that I could place anywhere needed to get the signal. True it would not be HD, but it would get us the channels. Since we were going to be in the “trees” at our next two locations as well, we decided it was a good purchase.

Weather has been overcast and cloudy with a few rain showers. Did go for a mc ride  Thursday into Vernonia for breakfast and an exploratory ride further north, before turning back for our safety meeting. 

Last weekend we met some friends, Roni and John, who visited us on their way to mdlunchWashington to workcamp. Together we met our son David and daughter-in-law Kim and both the grandsons, T.J.and Branden, at Sweet Tomatoes for a late lunch. we spent over 3 hours visiting!

So that is an up to date account of our first 2 weeks at L.L.Stub Stewart S.P.!



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