Yes, we did make it to Arizona

Sorry for leaving everyone hanging! Yes we did make it to our winter home, Rincon Country West Rv Resort!

We arrived on October 31st, and settled into our spot at 903. Not many here in the rv section. There is activity going on, even hiking!

I started hiking the first Wednesday in November, with few other hiking friends. our tradition has been to hike in the Robles pass area, which is across the street from the Rv Resort. The trail is called Flight Path, as most commercial airlines fly right over it to land at Tucson International Airport.

What did we find on our hike? Goats! Lots of goats. One in particular 

decided to get in our hiking line and go along with us. She stayed with us for a while, bleating the whole time. 

I called Pima County an reported their presence in the park and they did not know what to do! Oh well, it is their problem not mind. Have not been back to check them out.

In December, after Christmas, I took the train back to Illinois, to see my grandson Zach off to the Army. Boy was it cold in Illinois -13 below zero. I even had to wear (gasp) long pants!

Zach would be sworn in on January 2nd, 2018 in St Louis. New Years eve we went out to supper at Zachs favorite restaurant, Alexanders Steak house. We did not make reservations, thinking at 4pm it would not be busy. Wrong! No tables available! After a discussion with one of the hosts, explaining the situation, the manager came out and led us to the back room area and got us all seated! 

Many people came by, that we did not know, wished Zack good luck in his enlistment.

Zach had already been sworn in by his dad LT. Colonel, Heath Carr. when we got to the MEPS station in St. Louis,

they took us into the swearing in room, where 

Heath swore him in again.


For the most part our health has been fine. Minor aches and pains, but that is part of the aging process. I have had Plantar fasciitus since late September. Hiking was not as much fun! It now has subsided (I hope) but it has been replaced with Sciatica! Still can hike, but it too seems to be going away! Yay, just in time to leave! 

Loretta has been having problems with her blood pressure. Come to find out her renal artery is partially plugged. She will have angio-plasty done on March 14th. Please be praying for her.

Brody is doing fine, considering he is 15 now. Almost all of his life has been spent on the road! He is going blind and deaf and I think he has dementia as well. He sleeps a lot and sometimes just stands around and stares. Other than that he is healthy. 

Soon we will be packing up and moving on. On to Oregon that is. We will be working at Stub Stewart SP for the month of May, taking June off and staying in McMinville. Loretta will be flying to San Diego for graduations. July we will be in Depoe Bay at a whale watching center. August at Honeyman State Park and then back to Stub for September and part of October before heading back to Tucson.

That is it for now! Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Happy Trails

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