We haven’t dropped of the planet! We are currently in Illinois. We had to return in early February, when we learned that our son-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that had spread to other parts of his body. Pancreatic cancer …

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We are back!


Wow! since arriving back in Tucson in October, we have been so busy doing other things we have not updated our blog! Last September, after returning to Stub Stewart SP, we had to make a decision about Brody. His health …

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Hosting at State parks


We have met a lot of folks who ask us about hosting, what is it, how does it work and where can I find jobs. I will primarily focus on hosting at state parks and other governmental agencies rather than …

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Photo Contest

I have entered a photo contest,Pleas follow the links below to vote. Thank You https://embed-491800.secondstreetapp.com/…/gallery/116738449 https://embed-491800.secondstreetapp.com/…/gallery/116736858

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New Feature!

I have replaced the “Our Routes” with Rv Travel Videos. As we move about the country, I am putting together a time lapsed video of our days travel. I will be using a kdlinks dashcam and Videopad Editor to create …

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On the move


We are on the move once again! Headed to Oregon! But first an update on Loretta. She had a stint put in her right renal artery and is doing great! Thanks for all the prayers! We left Rincon on April …

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Yes, we did make it to Arizona


Sorry for leaving everyone hanging! Yes we did make it to our winter home, Rincon Country West Rv Resort! We arrived on October 31st, and settled into our spot at 903. Not many here in the rv section. There is …

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New month new State!


It is October and we completed our hosting job at Island Park on September 9th and headed to Cody Wyoming on the 11th. Our goal for Cody Wyoming was to visit with our friends Bill and Elaine!. We had not …

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2017 Solar Eclipse


The day started early for me. Packing stuff, going over my lists, packing food, chairs and a table. I will have 2 GoPro cameras, 2 Nikon DSL cameras, and my drone! Plus various lenses and filters. We left our motor …

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Summer is flying by!


Our summer is flying by! How about yours? We have been busy working at Johnny Sack Cabin and Mesa Falls. both owned and operated by the U.S. Forest Service. Mesa Falls is a beautiful place. 2 falls Upper and Lower. …

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