BumbleBEast Adventures and Fall

Fall has arrived quickly this year. We did not have this much color until September 24th last year! The bear activity has picked up, as we are seeing more and more bears at the camp and downtown. The other night we caught a Bobcat on camera! He casually walked by on his way down the hill.

Hunters have been allowed to bear hunt above us. A bear was taken last week. I found blood along the road. Also in a truck track I found a huge bear track! That is one big bear. We think it was medium bear that was harvested.

We participated in the 2nd Annual Lake City Fireman Turkey shoot on Labor Day weekend. 5 events were available in 3 different age groups. .22 rifle, .22 pistol, bow, skeet and handgun (any caliber). I entered the Senior.22 rifle and pistol. Loretta entered the .22 pistol and skeet. I won senior .22 pistol and rifle and Loretta won the Senior skeet! I won 1 gift certificate and a t-shirt and Loretta won a gift certificate. We also got our pictures in the paper and a write up.

BumbleBee and BumbleBEast hve been on some awesome rides the past week. One of our most adventurous rides was the Alpine Loop. A 73 mile loop over 2 12,000+ passes. Enngineer 12,800 and Cinnamon at 12.647. We had a side trip into Silverton… well almost into Silverton. We had to park the atvs outside of town as they are not allowed in town! We had to take a Shuttle into town. On the way back we encountered a little rain. Just a sprinkle here and there.

One of our goals during the rides is to see wildlife! Towards the end of the ride just west of a  ghost town called Sherman, in a grassy creek, we spotted a moose! She was calmly munching on the wet grass, dipping her head below the water to get a mouthful! She wasn’t scared at all. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

Our last trip was up to Engineer pas. Loretta had not been up there so we decided to go. The colors were spectacular on the way up. Totally different from our ride last week. The picture at the beginning was taken along the way. Things are changing rapidly. This is the 2 Loretta’s at Engineer pass. Yes it was chilly up there!

I think I have bored you all enough! We will be leaving here on the 22nd, headed to Salida for a week and then on to Lincoln Nebraska and a short visit (via car) to Illinois.

Until then Happy Trails and keep in touch!

P.S. Click on the pictures to see a larger image!

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