Desert Trails

Our site was open when we arrived and we soon were “setting up”. Not so for Ron and Loretta. Someone was in their site so they had to wait in another site before they could move over and get setup.

The weather in the last few days has been overcast and cool, with some wind. Sunday we are suppose to see some more rain. At least it has been cool enough that the snakes have gone to ground.

About 13 folks went shooting last Wednesday. A good crowd! Went to Fred’s after to fill our bellies.

Folks are arriving everyday! The park is filling up fast.

Improvements to the park are; Sided the rec hall, painted the Gallery and Oasis, removed 1 set of water tubes and filled in one pool to created 2 more rv sites.

A few more folks have arrived with their atv’s! We may have 6-8 folks going with us on our atv adventures. Ron and Loretta have friends here and we are going back to Illinois for Thanksgiving, so our first ride will be in December. OH! I did go for a ride last week. Pericles’ sister was visiting from England, and wanted to go for a ride in the desert. So I volunteered to take her. She tried riding one of the park atvs, but had trouble steering, so we brought it back and she drove the beast for awhile. Then I drove and gave her a good ride, up a small mountain.

I have 2 new cameras. Both have infra red for night viewing. I have one set up to look into the wash. It is set for motion detection. Last night I got a 5 second video of a javalina! My first sighting. The other is set up in front of the mh looking down the street.

We have put up several Finch feeders and Humming Bird feeder, this year and are getting a lot of birds. Nice to see the different finches fighting for a spot. Also seeing Gila Woodpeckers, Cactus wrens, Curved-bill Thrashers and other birds.

Well that brings you all up to date. We leave by train at 2am the 21st to head to Illinois. Will return the 3rd of December.

Happy Trails!!!


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