It has been a long time!

Did we drop off the earth? No, just lazy about posting and of course FB does a lot of what this site does.

So, I will first try and bring you up to date and then I will decide what I want to do with this site.

We stayed in Tucson for the summer, hoping to see a monsoon, which did not happen. Spent most of the summer at home (RCW) and I spent most of my time riding my recumbent trike. Bought a new trike in December, a Trident Terrain 20″ a wide tired trike, with pedal assist (2 Batteries).  

A sweet ride and plenty of power for the hills around Oregon, where we are headed in March.

We left Arizona on March 10 and drove the truck to Sheridan, Oregon, where we had the motorhome stored for the last 14 months. Motorhome would not start, as it appeared that the batteries were dead and could not be recharged. So we put new batteries in it and it still would not turn over! We tried tapping the starter and did get about 3 turns on the engine, then it stopped. I called a diesel mechanic and he came and looked the situation over and then crawled under and told me to turn it over when he told me to. Bingo it started! What did he do? Tapped on the solenoid

We left Sheridan and headed to Stub Stewart Sp our first hosting job for the year. We needed to be at the park by the 15th, so that we could quarantine before we went to work. Well they cancelled the quarantine and we stated work right away. We hosted for the next 3 months, leaving there and headed to Silverton, Oregon to catch the train back to Illinois for Haley’s celebration for graduating from Police academy! Due to some abnormalities in some of Loretta’s blood work, we cancelled the trip and spent 2 weeks in Silverton, Oregon.

We were supposed to host at a Lifeboat Museum in Port Orford, Oregon and then host for 2 months at the Whale watching center, however due to Covid they decided not to open those facilities. The last 2 weeks of July was spent in Port Orford, Oregon acting like tourists! I got a lot of trike riding done during July.

Our next hosting job 

was at Thompson’s Mills State Heritage site. As of this post we are still here and will be leaving on the 18th to head back to Tucson. We are leaving early because of the State’s mandatory need to be vaccinated to work order. We really like this place and enjoy sharing it with visitors when they visit. Going to miss the chickens and the ducks too!

We have been on the road for 18 years, most of the time west of the Mississippi, either in Tucson or Oregon, with brief visits back to Illinois. Lots of things have happened in 2019 and after, that got us thinking that it is time to start spending time with family in Illinois during the summer, so this will be the last year that we will be hosting in Oregon. Beginning in 2022 we will be back in Illinois, enjoying our family, and traveling around the midwest, finding trails to ride, enjoying our 7 year old grandson Isaac and of course all the grandchildren, children, cousins and friends that we have not seen in awhile. Our winters will still be in Tucson as we consider it our 2nd home and we do not want to do Illinois winters!

That is a recap of our rv adventures since June of 2020. There was a lot I have not covered but I did not want to write a book!

Happy Trails

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