We haven’t dropped of the planet! We are currently in Illinois. We had to return in early February, when we learned that our son-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that had spread to other parts of his body.

Pancreatic cancer is called the silent killer. as there is no test for it like other cancers, it sneaks up on you and when you get real sick it is usually too late. This was the case with our son-in-law Mike. 

February and March were not good months for us. We lost Mike, our granddaughter Jennifer and her grandfather were taken from us by carbon monoxide poisoning and our aunt Loretta was taken from us as well. As if that wasn’t enough my daughters good friend who had been battling cancer also went home to the Lord.

So we are in Illinois to help our daughter, emotionally, Spiritually and physically, for the next few months. Please be in prayer for her, her 2 children and Loretta and I.

We have taken on the next phase of our full time life! We have purchased a used 5th wheel, that we will leave in Tucson, on our lot at Rincon Country West. We will leave the motorhome in southern Oregon for the winter after we get done hosting. We will then drive the pickup back to Tucson. Oh! We did sell the Spyder too.

We plan on leaving Illinois around the 13th of August. We will head to Shedd Oregon to host at Thompson Mills Historic Grist mill, for September and October. Something new for us!

So to end this we just ask for your prayers for my family and may the Lord Bless you as well.

Happy Trails

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