We left!

We left Tucson on Monday the 15th and traveled our normal distance to Deming, New Mexico and stayed at 81 Palms Senior rv park. The day was projected to be windy, but fortunately the wind was coming from the SW so we got a little help from the wind. First fuel stop yielded 38 gals and a mph of 6.0! Guess we ran into a little more wind than I thought.

Tuesday we left early again to avoid the winds. Keep in mind we will be changing time zones twice! So we get less sleep each night! It even is dark when I get up at 6:30! Our goal today was Balmorhea State Park, 292 miles down the road.


Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the early 1930s, the park was deeded in 1934 by private owners and Reeves County Water Improvement District No. 1. The park was opened in 1968.

San Solomon Springs have provided water for travelers for thousands of years. Artifacts indicate Indians used the springs extensively before white men came to the area. In 1849, the springs were called Mescalero Springs for the Mescalero Apache Indians who watered their horses along its banks. The present name was given by the first settlers, Mexican farmers who used the water for their crops and hand-dug the first irrigation canals.

Situated about four miles west of Balmorhea, Texas, the 45.9-acre Balmorhea State Park was constructed by Company 1856 of the Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC, between 1936 and 1941. The CCC was established as a New Deal program by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression as a way to employ people who would have otherwise been out of work. Many of the state parks in Texas were developed during this time.

Other CCC structures in the park include a limestone concession building, two wooden bathhouses, an adobe superintendent residence, and San Solomon Springs Courts, an early expression of the modern-day motel, constructed of adobe bricks. All of the CCC buildings are constructed in a Spanish Colonial style with stucco exteriors and tile roofs.

Visitors to Balmorhea State Park can enjoy a swim in the CCC-constructed pool and, if staying overnight, may choose to relax in one of the historic rooms at San Solomon Springs Courts. The lobby of the park office includes several photographs of the CCC at work in what is now Balmorhea State Park. When visiting the park, take time to see what the park property looked like in the late 1930s and what it looks like today.

Another early morning due to the weather forecast of windy weather again. Our destination today is San Angelo, Texas. we will spend 2 nights here. tomorrow we will do a little exploring of the area. One site we plan on visiting is Fort Concho

Not sure of any of the other Sites we will visit. There are quite a few. Will see how long the Fort takes as it is supposed to be huge and very interesting. The weather is suppose to cool down to a high of 65 tomorrow. it is 94 now!

I am trying something new. I have set up one of the web cams on the dash facing down the road and as we drive it will upload a picture every minute. (As long as I have internet) So all you have to do is look at the web site front page and refresh every minute to get  few of what we see driving! Cool! So drop me an email to tell me how it looks! drcarr@christiancomputerservice.com

Friday we head to Kerrville, Texas, 148 miles south and east. we will stay at Guadalupe River Rv resort. We stayed here for 4 winters. While in Kerrville, we will be getting new tires for the rear of the coach. Donations will be accepted., we have a paypal account!

Until later Happy Trails!

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