What are we doing to keep cool?

Okay the triple digit temperatures have arrived! Yesterday it was 103 and for the next week it will be from 103 to 107! It is 10:50 am and it is now 96!

Here are some things I have done to keep the heat out of the 5th wheel. I have put Reflective material on most of the windows.

This helps keep the heat out and the cool in. I took the temp of an uncovered window and then took the temp of a covered window and there was a 20 degree difference! I did leave an open area on a couple of windows to allow light in. I also put vent pillows in the vent openings in the bathroom and bedroom. As my refrigerator is on the west side I also put the reflective material on the  outside wall, where the refrig is located. I also took the outside cover off and placed a screen over the area to help air flow. I will also be placing an 8×10 awning screen along that side of the 5th wheel to provide some shade for the refrigerator. I do have 2 air conditioners, a 15,000  and a 13,500 btu. One is located near the front door and the other is towards the back. The one in the back runs most of the time cycling the compressor off and on, but the fan still runs. I keep this one at 75. The one near the front door, which also cools the bedroom I keep at 78 and it cycles on and off as needed. Yesterday I was able to maintain 78 average throughout the 5th wheel, with the big air conditioner running minimally, even with the 100 degree plus temperature outside.

So what else do I do? As I am up at 3am to get ready to take my trike ride(5am) I usually open the front door and let the cool night air in to drop the inside temps before the sun comes up. I usually leave the door open while I am out for a ride(2-3 hrs) When I get back the temp inside is around 72. This gives me a head start on keeping it cool inside. Oh! We also have a ceiling fan!

I usually go for my trike ride early in the am when the temps are in the 60’s or low 70’s. I am back before the temps reach 80 or more. I really enjoy the early mornings. The birds are just starting to sing as the eastern sky starts to lighten up, but stars are still visible.It is quiet and peaceful as I ride along watching the dawn start breaking over the mountains. Lots of time to reflect as I ride! That is life in the desert! Have to get up early and get things done before the temps get too high. Yes it is a dry heat and with a little breeze it can feel like 5-7 degrees cooler. Sometimes I will sit under the awning and have my favorite beverage and it will feel tolerable. Get out in the sun and it is intense! Last night we went for a walk and the temp was still 89, but with the light breeze blowing across your skin it felt chilly at times.

Here is a short video of the ride I took this morning!

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